I make no claims  that I teach the “real” Kabbalah.  I’m very creative.  When I read something of Kabbalah, I think about what it might mean and how that meaning might be applied.  Soon, within me dawns a practical insight that resonates with my whole being, inspiring, empowering and useful.  But what has astounded me over the years is that I eventually come upon a point in my studies where I find that some authoritative statement in Kabbalah corroborates what I came up with on my own.  This has occurred over and over, giving me the impression that I have an intuitive grasp this mysterious subject, an original link with the subject. 


Kabbalah has enriched my life.  The mere study of it feeds my soul.  But that does not mean that it will feed your soul.  Countless sources of deeper wisdom exist on the planet and you need to find those that do the most for you.  The insights into how to live my life that Kabbalah has inspired in me has helped me to turn my greatest dreams into realities, to recover from my deepest let-downs and to make the most of my everyday life experience.


I have been a student of Kabbalah, as well as other spiritual wisdom sources, for over a quarter of a century. The fact that my study of the primary literary sources has been limited to English translations most probably alienates any scholarly interest in this work, but it need not repel the wisdom seeker.  I began studying Kabbalah with my own wisdom teacher back in 1973, at the ripe old age of 21.  At first he hesitated to share such a deep stream of thought with such a young man, but he saw how desperately I needed its light.  I think he saw back then as I felt back then, that my life depended on my receiving it.  


My teacher trained his students to approach Kabbalah and the rest of the world’s spiritual teachings in an extremely practical way.  Everything we learned we had to put into practice.  If you studied something out of mere curiosity, you ran the risk of unbalancing yourself.  We learned to master the fundamentals at an experiential level before moving on.  This approach slowed down my learning, but it also deepened it and made it real.


My first major breakthrough in consciousness occurred in the middle of one night in 1979.  I had spent the previous six years in virtually full-time study of the world’s wisdom literature, including the oral teachings of the enlightened sage who guided me. As I meditated on the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life scheme of God, human beings, the universe, and the relationships between, my thoughts suddenly shattered into a stupendous transformation of my consciousness.  I discovered the teacher within me.  My identity changed and it never changed back. 


A few months later I moved from Brooklyn, New York to Pheonix, Arizona to open a wisdom bookstore and began teaching wisdom in a classroom in the back of the store. I have been a full-time teacher and writer of wisdom ever since.  In those early years I primarily reached audiences that you might call “on the fringe”.  But I knew my true and deeper purpose was to present the deeper wisdom that had been reserved for the few over the centuries in a mainstream form to the masses.  I sought to shed all of the words and symbols that would alienate anyone from the pure light of deeper truth.  In a word, I wanted to go corporate with my soul.


Soon I left the western part of the U.S. and moved eastward.  I spent time living, writing and teaching in New England, then went up and down the east coast.  Then I headed for Chicago and worked the Midwest.  Finally I settled in Atlanta, Georgia and covered the southeast and then the deep south.  All the time I was shaping my message to reach a wider and wider audience.


Prior to my investigations into Kabbalah I had the sense of a prophet's destiny calling to me.  I can’t explain why, but it coincided with my listening very deeply and intently to the songs of Bob Dylan.  There was something about Bob that I connected with.  Even looking at his picture felt like looking at myself.  I could sense that something happened to him that made him into a world phenomenon, into a light that changed the world.  Maybe I was just projecting myself onto him, but something in his energy sparked and fueled my deepest yearning for a very particular destiny.  

When I met my teacher I was searching for way, a path, a teaching that could help me wake up to that higher level of consciousness where great inspiration originated.  I had the impression of that destiny’s doorway opening for me after my first lesson with him...


I currently live in Decatur, GA - U.S.A. with my sons Gabriel and Aaron, my dog Noel and lots of trees.

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