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Infinite Power Is For You

A Kabbalah Wisdom Power Article

Part 1

Infinite Power, which we can also describe as Absolute Power, determines with Perfect Love, Intelligence and Will what happens to you. 


You may believe in something else happening, in something less in charge of your life. 


Honestly examining that belief leads to the realization, though, of its intrinsic stupidity, for it inevitably brings suffering advising you to drop that belief.


Kabbalah's Tree of Life diagram presents a key to understanding how the Infinite Power works for you.  According to this "Tree", 10 Perfect Qualities of Infinite Power direct your life.


These powers are represented by the Tree's ten circles, called Sephiroth in Hebrew, which means Emanations, commonly referred to in English as spheres.


As they descend from the top in numerical sequence, the Powers express a slightly baser nature, yet remain pure and perfect expressions of Infinity or Divinity. Each sphere is named according to the quality of Infinite Power that it portrays.


The uppermost sphere, numbered 1, represents the highest of the Powers, the one most expressive of the pure essence of the Infinite. 


Bearing the name Kether, meaning Crown, it stands for the ultimate ruling power directing your life. An aspect of it can be described as absolute determinism, but it remains forever inscrutable.


Because you have some degree of free will, you can turn away from this directive and try to run your life in another direction, based on attachment to desires that are really not in line with your true self, true nature, true purpose. 


However, all of your life-experiences lead you toward the realization that only by fulfilling this true will can you find true fulfillment. 

The second sphere, named Chockmah, which means Wisdom, represents the perfect wisdom that fashions every experience that you have, including those you dislike the most.


This quality of Infinite Power sees to it that you always receive what is really of ultimate good for you.  This sphere also represents the reliable intuitive guidance available to you in every situation.  


The third sphere, named Binah, which means Understanding, represents the perfect understanding of what is truly good for you that forms your life experiences.


As you open your heart and mind to inner truth, you receive insight or illumination from this emanation of Infinite Power and realize what is truly good for you.

The fourth sphere, named Chessed, meaning Mercy, represents the perfect compassion that the Infinite Power always demonstrates in your life, even when it seems that heartless cruelty dictates events. 


It also represents the loving kindness that you express when following your true calling.


The fifth sphere, Gevurah, which can be translated to mean Justice, refers to the limitations, restraints and losses that you must go through in life.


This painful aspect of your experience proves necessary for your ultimate good.


Passing through suffering and sacrifice that your best judgment cannot help you to avoid leaves you more pure, perfect and powerful, unless you rebel against adversity and refuse to let it work for you. 


End of Part 1  

Click here for Part 2 of this article.  



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