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Sphere six, named Tiphareth, meaning Beauty, represents the perfect balance and harmony, the ever-present beauty of your life.


The high function of art is to reveal this aspect of even the most tragic life conditions.


This sphere also represents your inner source of inspiration that empowers you to express and appreciate the beautiful right now.  


The seventh sphere, named Netzach, meaning Victory, refers to the creative triumph that is your life's very existence. What a splendid, stupendous, awe-inspiring creative triumph your life is!


This sphere also represents life's constant cooperation with your fulfillment of your true purpose, the great victory of your life. Every event serves your advancement into ultimate fulfillment. 


The eighth sphere, named Hod, meaning Honor, Glory, or Splendor, refers to the perfect integrity of your life.  The purpose and design of your destiny is not to mistreat, misuse or devalue you. 


On the contrary, its aim is toward your regeneration, your higher development, your perfection. All you go through is really life's way of ultimately honoring your sacred nature. This sphere also represents the honorable nature of your self-expression when you live in line with your true purpose.


The ninth sphere, named Yesod, which means Foundation, represents the perfect supply of support always provided for you by the Infinite Power for the fulfillment of your true purpose.


As long as you follow, adhere to, fulfill your true purpose by expressing your true will, the form and measure of support you need arrives, often from unexpected channels. 


Your support appears to run out when you run out on yourself by leaving behind the way of life that truly works for you, or when you become overly fixated on the way the support must appear.


For instance, you might believe it needs to come in the form of paycheck, while it may arrive in the form of an unexpected gift.


You might believe it needs to come sooner than it actually comes, because you want to avoid the suspense.   But the suspense can teach you patience, faith and mental discipline.


This sphere also represents your power to securely base your life on the True Will or Purpose that you are here to serve.   In this sense, it represntts your path of true security.


The tenth and final sphere, named Malkuth, means Kingdom.  It represents the kingdom of your experience here on earth, and your degree of power of authority over the kingdom of your earthly destiny. 


Notice that this sphere is placed the farthest from the sphere of the  Will that determines the direction of existence. 


That distance symbolizes the leeway you have in your choices.


You are free to pursue happiness in ways that bring you sorrow.  


You are free to choose sorrow.


Life is designed to lead you through experience to disscover the wisdom and understanding to make better and better choices in how you use your power.


As you advance along this path you discover that you have more and more power to work with.




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