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Part 4

Bob Lancer


The Tree of Life


Just as central to Kabbalah as the Hebrew letters is a simple, slightly asymmetrical diagram called The Tree of Life. It represents the eternal spiritual framework of existence, connecting the material plane of manifestation with Divine Will. It portrays how creation comes to be, the levels of ascent in the process of spiritual growth and enlightenment, the divine forces ruling creation, the journey of the spiritual soul after death and from death back to rebirth (reincarnation is an element of Kabbalah). The Tree's pattern is like a spiritual ex-ray illustration of the universe, of every condition, of you. 


The Tree of Life provides us with a structural image of the Divine Creative Process that gives birth to the universe. It also provides us with structural image of and of human being. It portrays human beings as not just living creatures, but as living creators, making us truly Divine Offspring.  


According to Kabbalah, human beings are the closest of all living creatures to God, even higher than the angels, because angels have no free-will; only God and humans have free-will. That is why the angels' function is to serve God and humanity, rather than the other way around. 


Our Place Upon The Tree


As the Tree depicts, though, while we are spiritually the most God-like, the material dimension that we human beings occupy, depicted by Sphere 10, is the farthest from God's Perfect Will, depicted on the Tree by Sphere 1. This distance explains our gift – as well as our burden - of free will.


Beyond the material plane is utter chaos, sheer darkness. Here in the material plane we need all the help we can get to lead the most Godly lives possible, because the darkness is always with us, the chaos even somewhat integrated into wherever we are. That is why nothing is ever perfect on this plane, at least not for long. We have crazy chaos and blind ignorance to contend with at every turn. We are tempted to stray from God's Will, the path that is truly best for us, because all sorts of other forces impinge upon us at this level, luring us with strong sway – and it may be possible to stray so far that we lose our free will and become slaves to the darkness. All of this darkness is what makes life so hard.  Simply viewing the Tree of Life diagram with an open mind and an open heart may help you to improve your attunement to the Divine.


Our Work In The World We Live In


As the shape of the Tree suggests by the elongation at the bottom, our work is to push the bottom upward, until the design of the Tree achieves perfect symmetry. We do this by doing our best to do what we believe is truly right for us to do, and by seeking the truth with all our hearts, with all our might, all the way. As we make progress, the perfect order of the universe becomes more and more self-evident. The symmetrical Tree stands for Paradise.


Every condition you enter, no matter how dark or dangerous, has a heavenly spark, a higher potential, and your task, your purpose, your calling is not to run away from difficult situations, but to do all you can to release their spark. Essentially how to do this is what this series of articles is about.


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