Kabbalah's Key  

To Your Open Door  

(Part 2)

Bob Lancer



Kabbalah's Tree of Life represents your absolutely reliable guidance system for finding your way in any situation.  As you follow this guidance system, resistance melts away and the door of your true destiny swings wide open. You fulfill your deepest sense of your life's purpose and experience the kind of success that truly means the most to you – perhaps even everything to you.


To the extent that you encounter resistance to your plans and schemes, your hopes and dreams, your designs and desires, your straining effort to escape your life's "muck and mire", you submit to a false ideal rooted in misguided and misguiding belief and you basically demonstrate some "green around the ears", a lack of conscious experience.  


Perhaps you attempt to conform to society's programming that advises you to sacrifice your soul's inspiration on the altar of so-called "responsibility" or "practicality". Perhaps you believe that you can and therefore should fix the world in some way, raise it to a higher level, as if you really had that kind of strength.   


Perhaps you pursue the hopeless satiation of an addiction's desire by uprooting yourself from the path of your soul's true calling. You might seek fame for wealth or to compensate for no self-worth, or wealth to win the shallow interest of a beautifully packaged symbol of your sexual passion. Perhaps you believe too much in another's power to rescue you and too little in your own power to rescue yourself.

The way out of all this, the way to dissolve all forms of resistance, begins with accepting the situation in which you find yourself, however far it seems to depart from the ideal of your desire. To accept, essentially, that you do not have to fix anything because there is nothing really wrong with the way everything is.  Instead of assaulting or resisting the chaos, conflict, or any other form of mismatch with your hope's ideals, embrace it.  Let it be.


Admittedly, this requires a certain maturity.  You have to try to fix reality again and again until you finally recognize that even your best efforts lead you right back to where you started. The appearance of others living your ideals is simply part of the madness you must taste. 


When you are ready to relieve yourself of the unbearable burden of seeing the world, your life, or any situation as something needing fixing, repairing, changing, improving, Kabbalah's Tree of Life portrays the way of your open door, a way out of the madness, out of the self-tormenting condemnation of the way things are and the inevitably futile power-struggle against it, a way into the journey of your true liberation.


The ten spheres on the Tree represent ten aspects of absolute truth you guiding you from within along the path of your true fulfillment.  Seek that inner direction by looking within, particularly at your feelings, with an openness to receiving and recognizing what it is that you really want to do, not in a futile struggle to change the world, but to serve the world by giving to it the best life you have to offer.  


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