Kabbalah Parenting Power

Part 1     

The Kabbalah Tree of Life portrays for us, with incredible eloquence, what successful, satisfying parenting is really all about, and how to achieve it.


Sphere 1 on the Tree represents the power of Divine Will that determines the existence and direction of creation. 


It is THIS Will that we want to lead our children to recognize and follow, not our personal will. 


Raising kids to do as they're told leaves them helpless when there is no one there telling them what to do, or when there is someone directing them to do something wrong. 


Getting in touch with Divine Will is really the first true purpose of every human life, because that Will guides us into the fulfillment of the very purpose of existence. 


It guides your child perfectly along the life-path of true fulfillment and worthwhile accomplishment.


Guiding your child into conscious connection and alignment with Divine Will can only be done as you follow the Divine Will within you, in all of your circumstances and relationships, but particular during your interactions with your child. 


To sense and know what you are truly MEANT to do toward, with and for your child requires your development of the conscious inner attunement that unites your consciousness with the guiding influence of Divine Intention.


As we proceed, you will see more and more clearly how to accomplish this.


Sphere 2 on the Tree represents the Power of Divine Wisdom that guides creation every step of the way. 


Everything that occurs expresses the perfect Wisdom of the Divine Mind, the Perfect Love of the Divine Heart.  Your children behave exactly as you need them to behave to develop your own inner attunement to Divine Will.


As you strive to respond WISELY instead of REACTIVELY to your child’s behavior, you need to calm and center yourself in a state of peace and poise.  (More on this as we proceed).  From there you can receive the guiding light of your own inner source of higher wisdom, that constitutes your “link” with the Divine Mind within you.


The opposite of wise parenting is blindly reactive parenting, just repeating the programmed reaction-patterns that you most likely learned from your parents during your childhood. 


To be wise is to consciously match your response to the outcome you want.  How to do this is not always instantly obvious. 


When your child does something that triggers your emotional reaction, like ordering you about with disrespectful tones of voice, your triggered reaction blinds you to what your child actually needs to develop more respectful self-conduct.


You demonstrate real respect for yourself by practicing the art of NOT reacting to whatever your child does, but rather to first establish yourself in peace and poise and then consider:

1.Your goals for the child

2.Your options for achieving that goal


If you remain open and trusting that the inner guidance you need will arrive when you really need it, you will NOT end up disappointed.





Kabbalah Wisdom Power
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