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Part 5    


Sphere 8 represents the realization of the perfect splendor of creation that is the real essence of Victory in life. 


When you realize that life equals love, that all you are meant for is absolute joy, fulfillment and gratitude, you have achieved true victory – the victory over the blindness of false, fear-based thinking.


Parenting from Sphere 8 means that you attune to the glorious, sacred nature of your child’s holy essence.  


You relate with your child’s perfection, instead of reacting to the appearance of imperfections. 


You realize how truly perfect your child really is.  When you have that realization, you experience the Glory of your child, your child as he or she exists in the perfection of Divine Love.


To raise children who honor their parents, the parents have to begin by honoring themselves.  This teaches their children to honor them as well. 


We honor ourselves by relating with our own sacred nature as real.  Think of yourself as a holy, sacred agent of the Divine.  Putting yourself down and thinking of yourself as a failure or a loser is the opposite of this. 


As you accept your own Divine Perfection and relate with yourself as capable of all things, you release more and more of your Divine Potential, and you lead your child to relate with more true respect for you.


Relating with your child as truly sacred means that you discount the negative mental concepts about your child that cause you to feel angry or disappointed.  How you see your child will turn out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy.


Sphere 9 on the Tree of Life represents the Foundation of creation. 


This includes the basic principles that support the continuity of any condition.  There are basic principles that need to be established in your relationship with your child, for instance, for that relationship to thrive over time.


The Spheres of the Tree of Life represent these basic principles.  So Sphere 9 represents the “place” where all of the energies of existence unite in support of whatever takes place. 


What this means in practical parenting is simply that parents need to persevere in their application of Tree to their parenting.


We need to PRACTICE remaining centered in beauty

PRACTICE relating with our child as sacred,

PRACTICE trusting in the victorious outcome of our parenting,

PRACTICE establishing necessary boundaries that help our child to handle greater freedom,

PRACTICE pausing before reacting in order to first understand what our child

needs to do better,
PRACTICE attuning to the wisdom that guides our parenting in the present moment, and

PRACTICE attuning to perfectly LOVING WILL OF GOD that defines our True Fulfillment.


We need to practice parenting with the Tree for relentless.  We need to endure in our efforts no matter how many times we let ourselves down, and no matter how hard it is to do.  Gradually, this is how we build up the inner strength that is the FOUNDATION for truly enlightened parenting, that helps our children lead truly enlightened lives.


The tenth Sphere on the Tree is called Kingdom.  It represents the physical universe as experienced through the physical senses.  You cannot SEE or TASTE Divine Wisdom or Divine Beauty, for instance, but you can KNOW those energies.  That is why on the TREE there is no direct connection or PATH linking Sphere 10 with Sphere 6.


However the physical world appears, though, it actually symbolizes Divine Perfection.   But you have to look for the perfection to find it.


There really is no condition of lack or limitation OUTSIDE OF YOUR OWN MENTAL CONCEPTS.  You can argue that things go wrong in life.  You can prove that ugliness happens with a million rational proofs.  You can defend your state of NOT-SEEING the  Good as long as you choose.  


But once you are ready to look for how wonderful everything is, for how liberating your life is, for what a perfect blessing every event really is, you will begin waking up to that Divine Reality and realize that all of your suffering happened in a dream of your own creation.


Sphere 10 represents the physical manifestation that results from applying Tree of Life Parenting.  You will DELIGHT the fruits of your labor in the beautiful behavior of your children as you practice the parent-guidance of the Spheres.



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