Kabbalah Wisdom Secret:
32 Days To Kingdom



Relate with The Kabbalah Wisdom Secret that follows as a sort of GPS leading you through the Spheres and Paths (the “32 Paths of Wisdom”) of Kabbalah’s Tree of Life, into the state of “kingdom”, onto the “royal throne” of your divine destiny. 


Each day, apply one of the Kabbalah Wisdom Secret “32 Paths of Wisdom”, in the sequence below, for the next 32 days. Do this by:

1.Writing by hand on an index card the Sphere or Path meaning of the day.

2.Carrying that card with you throughout the day.

3.Reading the meaning several times throughout the day, with your mind open to how it relates to what is happening.

4.At the close of the day, re-read the meaning once more and reflect on how the day’s events matched the meaning.


Kabbalah Wisdom Secret - Sphere 1: Crown

Peer into results to discover the real cause behind them. Avoid willfulness - do what you sense you are ultimately supposed to do. Receive fulfillment, guidance and empowerment through deep spiritual communion.


Kabbalah Wisdom Secret - Sphere 2: Wisdom

Be positive. Transmit higher influences. Follow a reliable course of action. Seek the guidance of an experienced mentor. Regard nature as a teacher. Clear your mind of old ideas to receive new flashes of insight.


Kabbalah Wisdom Secret - Sphere 3: Understanding

Be thoughtful, reasonable, rational. Contemplate deeply. “Incubate” ideas before sharing them openly. What you conceive of within will be the reality you give birth to. Envision ideal possibilities.


Kabbalah Wisdom Secret - Sphere 4: Mercy

Loving-kindness provides support. Trust goodness. Appreciate the gifts being offered. Reparations occur through compassion. Be charitable, optimistic and cheerful. Take risks. Authenticity releases true greatness.


Kabbalah Wisdom Secret - Sphere 5: Severity

Restraint builds strength. Going through the “fire” of challenge purifies intentions, strengthens character. Stringent adherence rectifies, makes amends. Employ rigor, discipline. Sacrifice. Prune. Withhold from the unworthy.


Kabbalah Wisdom Secret - Sphere 6: Beauty

Follow a balanced approach. Be inclusive: seek harmonious integration of all aspects. Enter, build, advance toward your ideal dwelling place. Listen to your heart. Adorn, compliment, beautify. Resolve conflict with fairness. Share. Join.


Kabbalah Wisdom Secret - Sphere 7: Victory

Triumph blossoms naturally. Be motivated. Turn passion into action. Relate with every choice as a means to an end. Focus on implementation. You receive what you have earned. Follow through. Mobilize, conduct, lead. Fruitful options abound.


Kabbalah Wisdom Secret - Sphere 8: Honor

Earn praise, recognition through quiet, humble service. Demonstrate respect to win respect. Submit to a higher authority. Ask for what you want. Embrace opposition, obstacles, adversity as opportunities for self-perfection. Articulate your vision. Dignify, refine, polish.


Kabbalah Wisdom Secret - Sphere 9: Foundation

Strengthen, endure, withstand, stabilize, bond. Accumulate and disburse. Complete preparations. Time to give birth at hand. Dreams may reveal pertinent messages. Uncover unconscious influences. Harness, address, contend with sexual power.


Kabbalah Wisdom Secret - Sphere 10: Kingdom

Indirectness, concealment demands clarification. Consider byproducts, side effects, consequences. While physical conditions matter, don’t confuse symptoms with causes.  Seize your opportunity to manifest intentions, actualize potentials, take action. Restrain willfulness, selfishness to fulfill higher purpose. Accept responsibility.


Kabbalah Wisdom Secret - Path 1 – 2 (Aleph)  א

Begin anew. Quench your thirst for the water of truth. Admit what you don’t know. Cleanse your mind of obsolete concepts. A new realization follows uncertainty. Discard conventional practices. Face separation. Unite with a higher influence. Project no limits on what is possible. Plod on.


Kabbalah Wisdom Secret - Path 1 – 3 (Bet)  ב

Act as the architect of your destiny, despite uncertainty. Examine dwelling places – both mental and physical. Nurture spirits in an inspiring location. Acknowledge your soul’s hunger, directive, intention - rise above mere logic, intellectual reasoning - trust a deeper sense of calling, knowing. Accept that you may not know “why” for now.


Kabbalah Wisdom Secret - Path 1 – 6  (Gimel)  ג

Heed your eagerness to give to one in need. Rectify conditions by delivering what is deserved.Recognize your freedom to choose. Prepare for a long journey or lengthy process. Much can be accomplished by working through resistance. Express high ideals through excellence in the performance of mundane tasks.


Kabbalah Wisdom Secret - Path 2 – 3 (Daled) ד

Facing lack attracts gain. Devotion, emulation opens doors of opportunity. Acknowledge the assistance you’re given - don’t presume you alone deserve credit. Bestow benefits without demanding they first be earned. Do what you know is right – then you will know what is right to do. Contemplate, articulate what you know.


Kabbalah Wisdom Secret - Path 2 – 6 (Heh) ה

Be vigilant to see the signs of what is coming. Reveal what you are made of through an act of service. For the highest returns, give anonymously. Respect, appreciate those you serve. Give of yourself – express empathy. Provide the means to prosper, not just the bounty. Express love in thought, speech and action.


Kabbalah Wisdom Secret - Path 2 – 4 (Vuv) ו

Extend yourself to those in need. Communicate needs to one in charge. Take advantage of your access. Acknowledge interdependency. Create order, organize, prioritize. Practice practical spirituality: integrate spiritual values in worldly activities.  Turn regret over past misdeeds into motivation for improvement.


Kabbalah Wisdom Secret - Path 3 – 6 (Zayn) ו

Progress more quickly by working humbly WITH others, instead of arrogantly against or without them. Work WITH time instead of against it by eliminating rush and entrusting your fate to equanimity in the now. Remember that goodness is the worthwhile way. Cut ties that would bind you to those who practice falsehood.


Kabbalah Wisdom Secret - Path 3 – 5 (Chet) ח

Consider how you might prune, simplify, cut back or hold back for a more fruitful enterprise. Remain close, but avoid contact. Avoid turning “mother love” into “smother love”. Establish fair boundaries for mutually beneficial relationships. Don’t waste energy on petty, personal conflict. Protect inspiration.


Kabbalah Wisdom Secret - Path 4 – 5 (Tet) ט

Look for the good that may be concealed. Keep a secret: resist the urge to divulge information prematurely. Follow a circuitous path, employ subtle means, but be alert to avoid underhanded slyness. Be modest about what you have to offer. Rely on true goodness, not mere appearance, to access the power of beauty.


Kabbalah Wisdom Secret - Path 4 – 6 (Yod) י

Trust that there is a point behind what you must handle. Be clear about the point of your own actions and messages. A small effort may have huge consequences. Recognize the power of little details, but rise above petty power-struggles. Avoid complexity, succeed through simplicity. Respect the individual as you forge a group. Beneath apparent limitations find limitless potential.  Lead with humility.


Kabbalah Wisdom Secret - Path 4 – 7 (Kaph) כ

Have confidence in your capacity to manifest your heart’s desire. Don’t look forward to a finish: creating your good fortune is an endless, ongoing process. Avoid grasping – anxiously holding on too tightly to what you have - to receive more and more. Trust in whatever is meant to be. Kindness gains allies; forgiveness disarms foes.


Kabbalah Wisdom Secret - Path 5 – 6 (Lahmed) ל

Study your situation’s lessons until you know them “by heart” - living love’s way demands more than lip-service. Live with all your heart - open your heart or you invite a broken heart. Rise above losses and pain by relating with them as prods that lead you to live a better way. Aspire to live the life you love, love the life you live. Have a hearty appetite for life in whatever way it manifests.


Kabbalah Wisdom Secret - Path 5 – 8 (Mem) מ

Don’t be misled by a show of approval or by the desire for it. Reject superficial accolades that feed only vanity. Satiate, don’t deny, your thirst for true wisdom and understanding. Suspend preconceptions to receive refreshing revelation. Discard arrogant stances. Let tears of laughter or sorrow gush – it’s a cleansing . Follow the path that makes you feel truly alive.


Kabbalah Wisdom Secret - Path 6 – 7 (Nun) נ

Submerge into the deeper waters of truth. Explore a mystery. Focus on the internal, which produces the external. Work on hidden matters, in hidden ways. See through the illusion of free-will when you know what you must do. If an opportunity “smells fishy” let it pass. “Digest” (process, understand) one experience before moving on to the next. Sow the seeds for future success. Trust in the completion accomplished by abrupt or early endings.


Kabbalah Wisdom Secret - Path 6 – 9 (Samech) ס

Determine what you can count on. See how events reflect what you have set into motion. End things well to embark on a positive, new direction. Maintain your balance / equanimity to pass tests and overcome trials. Persevere to develop / prove “back bone”. Remain committed, faithful “through thick and thin” for a lasting accomplishment. Be supportive, steadfast in love.


Kabbalah Wisdom Secret - Path 6 – 8 (Ayin) ע

There is a good reason behind events that seem wrong: trust providence. Rather than rebelling against the darkness, look for a deeper purpose. Resist the temptation to pursue a “secret” transgression - the eye of truth sees all. Examine your heart to perceive the truth. Trust intuition when it contradicts the suggestion of appearances. Eyes reveal inner truth when you really look. Avoid coveting / envy to discern YOUR right path.


Kabbalah Wisdom Secret - Path 7 – 8 (Peh) פ

Choose modesty: boasting invites a downfall. Let good deeds speak for themselves. Don’t divulge “inside information” inappropriately / honor confidences. Avoid saying too much or too little. Utilize the power of communication, but don’t over-estimate what is said: verbal messages may conceal or reveal. Avoid making promises that are too hard to keep. Think of words as boomerangs: what you say comes back to you.


Kabbalah Wisdom Secret - Path 7 – 9 (Tzadi) צ

“Fish” for the truth, investigate matters deeply. A tranquil, trusting heart and an open mind attract flashes of new insight. Act on your best intentions, with confidence in the end-result. Come through for those who count on you. Be a positive reflection on those you represent. Live your faith to make it real. Do good work and it will prove fruitful. Enjoy and celebrate your good fortune.


Kabbalah Wisdom Secret - Path 7 – 10 (Kuph)  ק

Face your past. Redeem previous transgressions with good deeds. Recognize and nurture spiritual potential. Reject negative influences, even if it results in alienation. Learn how to deal with separation. Join others but avoid conforming too much. Live true to your highest sense of calling. Be ready to stand out or to stand up for what you believe in.  Don’t fret over imaginary deadlines – live rhythmically and take the rest you need.


Kabbalah Wisdom Secret - Path 8 – 9 (Resh)  ר

Review, revise or refine your original intention to continue supporting what you care most about. Be deliberate, but face the truth – acknowledge there is more to reckon with than you understand. Receive guidance through perseverance in altruistic cause. Push through trepidation. Avoid crass, decadent influences - refine tastes, attitudes, intellect, modalities.


Kabbalah Wisdom Secret - Path 8 –10  (Shin)  ש

Hold fast to core-values. Avoid being consumed by non-essential details or demands. Don’t waste breath on pointless chatter. Circumvent burnout by cooling it - harness the heat of passion. Transform for a breakthrough. Forgo faddism – flashes in the pan die fast. Puncture the “bubble of illusion”. Rise to a challenge. Heed your higher calling.


Kabbalah Wisdom Secret - Path 9 – 10  (Tav)  ת

Leave your mark through authenticity. Bring your gifts to the world. Develop your skills, your mastery to overcome challenge. Have faith in the unseen, unknown. Create your legacy, what you’ll leave behind. Make a lasting impression. Focus on the way things are, not how things seem. Knowing what to do has value only when you do what you know. See the light at the end of the tunnel. Enter a new life.




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