Your Kabbalah Key To Thriving Through "The Blessing" Of Climate Change


Part 1:

The Problem

Let’ face it, the world’s problems are too big for any of us to solve.  There is just too much corruption and insanity in “high places”.  Those corrupt, imbalanced, insane entities are directing civilization in a clash against nature.  Climate change is nature’s solution to the corruption of man’s inhumanity to man.  As you dwell in the secret place of the Most High, though, it shall not come nigh thee!  


As a Cherokee medicine man friend of mine used to say, “Mother nature is going to blow her nose and powder her face.”  He used to say that earthquakes don’t kill people, buildings kill people.  A civilization in harmony with nature is sustainable under all natural conditions, but one that is in conflict with nature is inherently unsustainable.  A higher power is stepping in to restore balance, harmony and truth to the world: its name is climate change.


Yes, there will be enormous devestation and loss of life as the natural forces bring down the corruption of global civilization.  There will be a dramatic cleansing that many will call a catastrophe, but it is divine intervention.  It is the power-drunk hitting bottom.  Many will perish.  Many will suffer.  Kabbalah refers to this as the actions of Gevurah, as Divine Justice, which is necessary in the alchemical process of Spiritual Evolution.  What we must lose we must let go of, with love and compassion. There is nothing to cling to but the Divine.  


When loss happens, that is the form of Divine Blessing that is in order.  It is not the loss, but the resistance to the flow that produces our pain and suffering.  As we surrender to the Perfect Divine Will, Wisdom, Understanding, Mecy and Justice that is always in charge we find peace and allow the universe to transform us into our higher potential.  We allow the golden age to dawn as we surrender to the crumbling of the age of darkness, now so prevalently upon us.


This does not mean that we who care should abnegate our responsibility to do all we can to care for and protect our natural environment.  It’s just that we need to step back a little when we realize our powerlessness to change the minds of the insane leaders who thrive on lies and hatred, who lead lives of utter corruption and imbalance.  They are destroying the civilization that keeps them at the top, and that is all.  They cannot make enough money to stop the next hurricane from blowing down their house of cards.  They are bloated ticks at war with their host.  Their end is nigh.


Part 2

The Solution: Awaken To Your Eh-heh-yeh-heh


What if you could create any condition your heart desires? Do you even know what you would create? Given some deeply penetrating thought, the answer becomes clear and obvious: you would create yourself as the creator of yourself.  The Hebrew term for this act of original creation is pronounced, Eh-heh-yeh-heh, meaning “I Am that I Am.”  What better creation can you imagine?  Create yourself as the infinitely powerful Being that creates whatever it chooses. No longer would you feel like a victim of circumstances, of other people’s behavior, not even of your own past choices. 


In fact, whenever you feel like a victim you are encountering a sure sign that you are not identifying yourself as the creator of your experiences.  The discomfort of feeling like a victim is your way of stirring yourself into awakening to your absolute creative nature.


As facsimiles of the Divine we are the creators of every experience that we have.  We created our birth experience, our early childhood experiences, our family life.  We created every event of our lives, and we did so intentionally.  When we finally accept our 100% accountability for every experience, including our experience of the global political and ecological putrefaction, including our experience of the whole universe, we accept our limitless power to stop creating our victimization.  When you identify yourself as the creator of what is happening right now, you begin consciously creating yourself as the creator and there is no longer anything to feel victimized by.


The Kabbalah Tree of Life teaches us of the ways that God creates, and therefore of the ways that we create. The beginning of Divine Creation is represented by Sphere 1 on the Kabbalah Tree of Life.  Its name is Kether, meaning Crown, and it represents the Will to create what happens.  This Will is omnipotent and irresistible.  Wouldn’t you like to have that Power?  What more could you want than the Power to create what you want when you want it? This is like making the perfect wish: to wish for the power to make all of your wishes come true.


Kether is who you truly are. You are the Crown of creation. You are the power to create yourself as God.  How do you do this?  By accepting that you are the Divine Power that you want to be.  Your Divine Name then becomes Eh-heh-yeh-heh, the Name that Moses was told by God when he asked for God’s Name.


Your second creative power is named Chockmah in Hebrew, representing absolute wisdom.  You have the power to create in a way that expresses a level of wisdom that is higher and more perfect than is conceivable to the human intellect. When you consciously identify yourself as the creator of your experience, why would you create yourself as less than perfectly wise? What better creation can you come up with than yourself as all-powerful and all-wise?


Your third creative power is named Binah in Hebrew, meaning understanding.  In Kabbalah it represents the Infinite Understanding of the Divine. As Eh-heh-yeh-heh that power of perfect understanding is yours.  You create yourself with that Power.  There is nothing you don’t know; nothing you can’t know.  Identifying yourself as the all-powerful, perfectly wise creator possessing unlimited understanding of all there is does not characterize a delusion of grandeur.  You are merely suspending limits imposed on your power by imagination.  Why hold onto a belief that you lack the understanding you need to make a perfect choice regarding what you create?  All that belief can do is diminish your expression of the infinite possibility of you.


Your fourth power to create is named Chessed in Hebrew, meaning Mercy.  You have the Power to create experiences of infinite mercy for yourself.  There is no limit to the grace, the abundance, the ease, the joy you can give yourself.  After all, you have the Infinite Power of Divine Will that is free to create any condition at all.  Why would you create hardship, loss or limitation for yourself?  You would not do so consciously.  Feelings of hardship, loss and limitations are signs that you are using your unlimited creative power unconsciously.  When you create unconsciously your creative process is driven by the lower emotions of fear, sorrow and anger.  When you create consciously you are guided by the higher ordering forces of infinite forgiveness and unconditional lovingkindness in the experiences that you create.


Your fifth creative power is named Gevurah, which means Justice and Severity, as referred to above. As the conscious creator of your experience you would never create an unjust, unfair situation for yourself to experience.  When you feel a sense of injustice or unfairness it is because you are creating the experience of being a victim.  You only do this when you identify yourself as a creature rather than as a creator.  You are giving your power to create whatever you want to the person or circumstance you hold responsible for what you fear. This brings on suffering, and the suffering continues until it awakens you to the realization of how you are bringing it upon yourself.  The function of Justice is to awaken higher consciousness.  You are bringing the severity of justice upon yourself by resisting the fact that you are the creator of your every experience, including your experience of yourself.


Your sixth creative power is named Tiphareth, which means Beauty.  Why create anything less than infinitely beautiful, balanced and harmonious experiences for yourself and others?  Why create yourself as less than infinitely beautiful, balanced and harmonious?  No reason, other than to teach yourself that imposing these limits upon yourself brings you pain.  Beyond this, it teaches you compassion for those who are still in the unconscious creator level.  There is no limit to how beautiful the conditions you create can be.  Reflect upon the most beautiful work of art, the most beautiful natural scene, the most beautiful experience of love-making, and multiply the beauty of that by infinity - that’s what you are capable of.


The seventh creative power that you possess is named Netzach, which means Victory.  Why would you create a self that can be defeated?  Why create the experience of a defeated self?  Again, no reason, other than to teach yourself that doing so causes you suffering, and to cultivate compassion in your heart for those who unwittingly create their own defeats.  Actually, everyone knows exactly what they are doing.  Everyone chooses to create the experience they are having, and on some level they know it.  When they are ready to admit it to themselves, they will create only experiences of the greatest triumph for themselves.


The eight creative power that is yours to wield is named Hod, which means Glory.  You are infinitely glorious by nature.  You have the capacity to create absolute perfection.  Your experiences can be so splendid as to reveal the Perfection of your creativity, the Perfection of your Creative Self, your True Identity, your Eh-heh-yeh-heh.  By holding your attention on the feeling of being this infinitely glorious creator, with your mind open and free of any ideas or concepts of you being less than perfection, you allow the infinitely glorious power of your creativity to work through you.


Your ninth creative power in Kabbalah is named Yesod, which means Foundation.  It represents your power to create endlessly lasting conditions of perfect support. You have the unlimited support of the infinite Power of Divine Will at your command.  You can therefore create eternal experiences of an infinitely glorious nature.  You are an eternal creator that need not create death for yourself. Mortality is a limited experience that no one and no thing imposes upon you but you, if you choose it.  You can close your mind to your immortal possibility, if you choose to create mortality for yourself, but this just perpetuates the sense of victimhood.  If you are tired of suffering from the sense of victimhood, stop creating it.


Your tenth creative power represented on the Kabbalah Tree of Life is called Malkuth, which means Kingdom.  It represents the physical dimension of your experience.  You are 100% in charge of your physical world experiences.  You created suffering in your incarnation in the physical because you did not identify yourself as the creator of your physical experience.  When you identify yourself as the creator of infinite Divine Being, your physical world reflects the Kingdom of Heaven in materiality.  For a long, long time you have identified yourself with your physical body and felt like a victim of its limitations.  But now, as your self-aware Eh-heh-yeh-heh you can let go of that false and limiting state of identity.  You can see yourself as the creator of your physical experiences, with the power to create heaven in the earthly realm, which fulfills your purpose in being here.


Beyond the 10 creative powers of the Divine that defines our infinite nature, Kabbalah investigates the four planes, dimensions or worlds of existence.  Understanding these can help us to better navigate through the inner realms into realization of our original, unlimited being.  The lowest of the four worlds of existence is called Assiah, which means Making.  This represents the physical world, including your physical body.  For a long, long time we seem to be ruled by this world, the world that appears to be outside of us.


Through applied attention to physical world experience our consciousness ripens to the point that we are ready to spiritually awaken to the next higher world, the world of Yetzirah, which means Formation.  Here we consciously observe the psychological dimension, the inner world of thoughts and feelings.  As we become more aware of our experiences in this world, we see how our thoughts and feelings shape the physical conditions that we encounter, how we give physical conditions the meanings we ascribe to them.  For instance, if it rains on our picnic and we ascribe a negative meaning to that, we experience a tragedy or let down.  If we interpret the rain as a blessing that nurtures the natural world, it has its own beauty and we experience the rain with gratitude.  As we grow more conscious in the world of Yetzirah, we exercise discrimination in the meanings we entertain.


We spend a long time in the Formative World.  At first we feel like victims of our mental and emotional states, but eventually we discover that we have free choice here.   We can let go of desires and mental and emotional reaction patterns that diminish our power to create what we want.  Gradually, we awaken to the world above the Formative, into the World known as Briah, which means Creation.


Our awakening in the world of Briah means that we awaken to our identity as the creator of all that happens in the Formative and the Physical worlds.  By accepting 100% accountability for our thoughts, feelings, desires and physical world manifestations we discover our infinite power to create whatever we want to experience.


There is a higher world, one that is above Briah.  It’s Hebrew name is Atziluth, which means Origins.  This is where Eh-heh-yeh-heh abides, the Power to Create God.  Atziluth consists of the three highest Creative Powers of the Kabbalah Tree of Life, referred to as The 3 Supernals.  These are Divine Will, Wisdom and Understanding.  When we awaken to ourselves as the creator in Briah, and open our mind and heart to receive the Perfect Ideals for Creation from the world of Atziluth, we realize our Divine Potential.  We no longer create from the lower, finite levels of personal desire, programmed beliefs and emotional reactions.  We open up to the Infinite Realm of Perfection, a realm beyond thought, beyond imagination, to allow the pure force of the Divine to shape our experiences, including our experience of being who we are.


To make all of this practical, try the following.  The next time you feel like a victim of anything, like the annoying voice of a person sitting behind you on a long plane ride, or when you fear that someone may take advantage of you in some way, begin thinking of yourself as the creator of whatever happens.  Imagine an opening at the top of your head through which you receive the Ideal of what you would love to create.  Create yourself as the omnipotent Creator to rise above victimhood and experience more and more perfection in your daily life.



In Closing

As we dwell in consciousness in these higher ordering forces represented by the Kabbalah Tree of Life, we abide “in the secret place of the most high”.  As nature brings about the ultimate revolution on the planet, though thousands fall beside us, we remain safe, guided and free to create a new world based on love for one and all.  We are saved.


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