The Shift In Consciousness
Occurring In Our World Today

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(Transcript from an inspirational talk for "The Spiritual Light Workers Group".


We are living in a powerful time of transition, when human consciousness is being called upon to make a tremendous leap from faith into knowing.


The presence of God is emerging more substantially into human consciousness, increasing the power or stepping up the vibration of human consciousness.  This causes existing structures and institutions to be blown apart.


It also renders the personal ego-mind starkly powerless.  


With Divine Realization comes a total reliance on God, and learning the skills of self-responsible reliance on God, for all things needful.


God has a perfect plan for you and as you willingly offer yourself to its fulfillment you experience the total fulfillment that you have always been seeking.


For those who follow their internal spiritual guidance through the transition process, a tangible awareness of God’s Presence and the spiritual law of LOVE become absolutely self-evident.  This shift in awareness is making prophets of us all… for those who heed the call.


The ego-mind perceives its powerlessness as the life-conditions that it bases its security upon crumble.  This is exactly what it goes through during the death process, so there is much fear, even terror being experienced today.


As it becomes all too obvious that there is nothing in this world that we can count on for our sense of security, with faith we discover that we can count on Divine LOVE.  


Many people are facing serious crisis today, because a greater life of greater miracles destroys existing systems, like businesses, marriages, financial fortunes… many people are losing everything to make way for the expansion of Divinity in consciousness.  


After we must lose what we fear to lose we find ourselves taken care of after all, and the sooner we are open to seeing that the sooner we see it!


As the Divine Presence is born more substantially in the consciousness of the human race it seems that everything is falling apart, because the current paradigm of civilization was designed to handle a lower vibration of energy.


The higher vibrations of energy emerging with the expansion of the Divine Presence in human consciousness require new structures to be built.  The architect of those new structures is no longer the ego-mind, but the Infinite Mind of God, as we learn to open, surrender and receive its guidance.   That is one of the essential skills the human race is developing at this time.


We are now in a cycle of the destruction of the old.  The most advanced helpers through this process are the spiritual energy healers and wisdom teachers.  Their preparation is difficult, as they are going through the most severe losses first.  


These losses displace the ego as the one in charge and place it at the service of the Higher Self or Divine Presence.  This makes these healers and teachers capable of channeling a level of Divine Energy that is so powerful that it cannot be denied.  One key to utilizing this energy is to think about it as “prayerful”.


As you pray, notice the feeling of the energy of prayer.  Then see if you can direct that quality of energy, using your imagination, through your hands.  Then send that energy into your body (or another’s body) with the prayerful intention of healing, as you feel guided to do.


As an inspirational speaker, I attempt to channel that energy through my voice and presence.  As a writer I attempt to let the energy flow through my writing.  By living in awareness of the Divine Presence we radiate it through our BEING.  


The time for believing in God is passing, because the time for consciously experiencing God is upon us.  This Divine Revelation is the answer to the prayers of the human race for untold centuries, but it does not come without upheaval.  You have to lose what you had to receive something greater.


We can prepare people for going through the tests and trials that are sweeping the planet by helping them to understand the purpose behind their challenges: it is all about removing the blocks between their consciousness and the Divine Presence, and the Spiritual Law of Love that we must align with or quickly and harshly suffer the consequences.


The key-skill to living in this “new world” is self-compassion.  Here is how to practice it.  Notice how you relate with you.  


If you push or punish yourself into inner states of suffering you are demonstrating an un-loving relationship with yourself.  


When you consciously maintain a mode that feels relaxed, authentic, natural, loving, kind, and harmonious you experience and express the gentle joy of gratitude for each moment.  This is your mode of “guiltless innocence”, liberating your angelic nature and making you an agent of grace.


We cannot live in ways that share love with others without living in the state that radiates love from deep within ourselves.  You are being your true self when you are loving.


Living in the state of love is living in the grace of love. When difficulty, challenge and crisis hits, choose the inner peace that permits your love to flow instead of panic that shuts your loving self, your true self, down. We can call this the true path to success in this new world.


Much of the human race is still living in the dark inner states of strain, forcing, willfulness, frustration, impatience and panic.  They regard unloving modes as the “responsible” way to live.  They are putting themselves through hell and blaming everyone and everything around them for their self-imposed suffering.


The way to facilitate another’s liberation is through BEING, not through talking.  To BE in the loving state that radiates your innocence directs the energy of balance, wholeness and spiritual integration to unbalanced people, offering them the healing energy they need at a fundamental level to make the shift in consciousness for Divine Realization and the total reliance upon God.


It is by BEING in a state that feels perfectly safe to be yourself that you help others feel completely safe to be who they are, which releases their loving state that frees them from their suffering.


Here is a prayer-practice turning your life over to the Perfect Plan.  You will only apply it if you have come to realize that your ego-mind or logical mind cannot figure anything out.  Everything is just too big to wrap your head around it.  When you have arrived at that place, turn your life over to God’s plan by prayerfully requesting of the Divine Presence, “Direct my thoughts.  Direct my emotions.  Direct my desires.  Direct my speech.  Direct my actions.  Even direct my sense of identity of who I think I am.  I offer you my entire self to fulfill yours Perfect Plan.  Direct how I relate with money, how I relate with everyone, even how I relate with You.  I place all my faith in You.” 


 Utter this prayerful practice with a feeling of deep, utter openness to allowing God to enter and fill your being and lead you all the way.  In so doing find inner peace and fulfillment and the perfect faith that God will provide all things needful. You will experience your Divine Awakening.


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