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Have you ever felt the desperate, burning urge to run away, ignited by a tormenting

sense of entrapment in a relationship? This happens when you want so badly to control another person that you unconsciously place yourself in a kind of self-imposed psychic incarceration. You have taken on a personality pattern that belongs to someone else. This pains you with the sense of wasting your life.  


Your desire to escape signals the time for returning to your true path of love, power, joy, light and service.  Doing this involves the art of true escape.  Instead of struggling to change, fix or control the other person based on a false belief that you need to, escape that pointless plight by turning your attention inward for your own true way.  Your guide along this way is your own higher wisdom.  Wisdom never guides you into futile struggle, but rather into liberating peace.  


Kabbalah's Tree of Life portrays the simple way of escaping back into your own way, which is true freedom.


Sphere 1 on the Tree represents the true will that you are to follow here and now, what you intend to do with your life.  You feel a sense of wasting your life when you follow any other way.


Sphere 2 represents the inner wisdom here to guide you via your intuitive feel-knowing along the path of true peace, power and freedom.


Sphere 3 represents the vision of your true destiny wisdom that unfolds in your mind as you heed your intuitive wisdom.


Sphere 4 represents the gentle kindness that signals you are on your way, because you feel happy and free enough to express your compassion.


Sphere 5 represents the discipline it takes to disconnect from the other person's problem, to withdraw your attention from concern over controlling that other person, so you can focus on following your own true pattern of loving service to the world.


Sphere 6 represents the state of inner balance, harmony and peace that permits your awareness to clearly discern the guidance of your inner wisdom.


Sphere 7 represents your true emotion and desire. False emotion and desire masquerade as your true will because of their intensity. True emotion and desire spring from the exciting sense of connection with your true way.


Sphere 8 represents the inner sense of integrity connected with your true path. This includes the sense of being true to yourself by remaining anchored to your deepest core value.


Sphere 9 represents the sense of deep inner security that accompanies the following of your true will or purpose. The sense of anxiety over a false need to change, direct or get through to another person completely dissipates as you connect with your own true will in a balanced way.


Sphere 10 represents the sense of being in command of your own life, free of any sense of being tethered to a person you need to struggle against for control.


The next time that you feel stifled by another's way of being, instead of holding onto the draining struggle for control, relax, and focus inward. To sense the subtle guidance of your own true way, you need to center yourself in a calm, balanced state.  This will occur naturally as you let go.  

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