Kabbalah's Key  

To Your Open Door  

(Part 3)

Bob Lancer


Practice examining your feelings for true inner direction. The Tree of Life can help you by focusing on ten specific qualities of guidance leading you on your true way. Those specific qualities, represented by the ten spheres of the tree, radiate subtly from deep within you. Recognizing their guidance cannot be forced. Maintain a relaxed, trusting state of conscious openness to your feelings. This gradually develops and strengthens your attunement to them. 


Sphere 1 represents the purest, deepest expression of your true will, purpose or calling emanating in any given instant from the innermost sanctum of your being, what we might refer to as the crown or ruling influence of your soul.  

As you sensitively open to and cooperate with your innermost sense of what you are meant to do, of what you are being internally led to do, of what is truly right for you, you receive its guidance, the highest, purest level of which is represented by the second sphere.


This stream of wisdom guides you at your level of consciousness.  As you practice connecting with it by looking within, your level of consciousness rises and your capacity to receive, follow and express wisdom at a higher level develops. 

Sphere 3 represents the form of wisdom you receive, which you see with your inner eye. For instance, you might see yourself writing or dancing, paying your bills or going to a meeting, coupled with a sense of inner feel-knowing that suggests what you are meant to do. The form may take on audio, olfactory or other sensual qualities in addition to, or lieu of, visual ones.


Sphere 4 represents the degree of ease, gentleness, trust, freedom that wisdom guides you to express; sphere 5 represents the degree of discipline, firmness, rigor you are meant to apply.  

Sphere 6 represents state of inner balance and harmony that proves essential for you to most accurately receive the highest level of guidance available to you. To the degree that you lose your calm, centered equilibrium, you lose your connection to the Tree's inner guidance and fall for the illusory guidance of blind desire and fear.


From sphere 7 emanates the driving desire, enthusiasm, emotional attraction you feel in relation to following your true calling.  From sphere 8 emanates the sense of integrity that guides you along your true path.   Sphere 9 represents the sense of real reliability of the guidance of your true will.

Sphere 10 represents where you are and where you receive the results, consequences, rewards of following your true will.  It represents the world.  The world can be compared to a pot of manure. As you follow your true calling, you flower here into a beautiful expression of your true self or soul, and you bring that gift of a flower to the world.


The Tree can be seen as a symbol your true self in its potential form. Following its inner guidance brings forth its fruit, which is the fulfillment of your potential in the world. The resistance of the world melts away as you turn to your inner work.  It functions as a sort of womb, really, pointing you to your open door, the inner work of higher self-fuition that you are really meant to do.





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