Miracle Manifestation
Through Kabbalah


You have one power with ten attributes for manifesting miracles.  These are represented by the ten emanations of the Kabbalah Tree of Life.


The one power is called Kether, which translates from the Hebrew to mean Crown.  Kether represents your “Crowning Glory”, that which sets you at the top of creation.  It’s attribute is the omnipotent power of your intention.  What you intend is inevitable.  You are incapable of intending any condition that is not to be.  Whatever you intend already is.


The second attribute of your power for creating miracles is called Chockmah, which translates from the Hebrew to mean Wisdom.  It characterizes the perfect wisdom of your intentions. You can only intend to bring about that which is perfectly wise to bring about.  Whatever you intend is just right for you to intend and that is why it must manifest (as we shall see when we examine your fifth power).  Additionally, you always follow the perfectly wise course of action in the manifesting process.  You never make a mistake.  You never overstep your boundaries.  You never miss the mark.  You send out only that which brings back good to you.


The third attribute of your power for manifesting miracles is called Binah, which means Understanding.  Your intentions, which are always sacrosanct, are always based on a perfect and complete understanding of yourself, your situation, and what your situation calls for.  Your understanding knows no bounds.  You never misinterpret what is going on.  There is nothing left for you to figure out, no mystery.  All the “secrets” are revealed to thee.


The fourth attribute of power for manifesting miracles is called Chessed, which means Mercy.  It represents the perfect grace that follows your intentions.  You don’t really have to make anything happen.  It’s more a matter of letting it happen.  Your intentions are really omnipotent love working on your behalf. The instant you decide for some condition to be, it is.  You don’t have to earn it.  It’s already present.  Grace means that there is no separation between where you are and your heart’s desire.  Whatever miracle you desire comes to you the instant that you intend it to be; no effort, cost or sacrifice required.


The fifth attribute of your power for manifesting miracles is called Gevurah, which refers to the hard rule of Justice.  Justice rules the universe infallibly and unbreachably.  Since nothing but good comes from your intention nothing but good comes back to you.  Your will is such a pure and perfect expression of love that you really never have anything to worry about.  No one can do you any harm because your intentions are so purely harmless.  It is as impossible for something negative to befall you as it is for you to err in your perfect wisdom, to misunderstand with your perfect understanding, to deny yourself of the good grace showers upon you.  You can always accurately predict justness returning unto you from the omnipotent love of intention.


The sixth attribute of your power for manifesting miracles that you possess is called Tiphareth, which means Beauty.  You are essentially beautiful and express beauty in your every breath.  Your intentions beautify creation and expand your experience of beauty in your life.  You are literally incapable of expressing any form of ugliness, any degree of ugliness, because beauty is your very nature.  Beauty is irresistible.  That’s what makes your intentions irresistible: they are perfect expressions of beauty.  You never have anything to be ashamed of because you cannot help but beautify the world through your every creative intention.  You are a beautiful creator of nothing but beauty always.


The seventh attribute of your power for manifesting miracles is called Netzach, which means Victory.  This corresponds with the inherently victorious nature of your intentions.  You are intentions can never meet with defeat because they are intrinsically victorious.  Whatever you intend to manifest in your life brings you the experience of victory right now.  Victory knows no opposition, no adversity, no delay.  Become aware of a condition that you intend, be it a financial fortune or freedom from the inner mental story that causes you to feel defeat, and victory rains down upon you.  You need merely open your eyes to see this.


The eighth attribute of your power for creating miracles in your life is called Hod, which means Glory.  You are so very glorious.  Your intentions reign supreme in the universe and herald the improvement of all conditions.  Whatever it is that you intend to manifest shines like a jewel in creation the instant you intend it.  Magnificence characterizes the radiance of your intentional creation.  The splendor of your works is nearly blinding in its brilliance.  You are ultimately honored by your every intention.  


The ninth attribute of your power for manifesting miracles that belongs to you is called Yesod, which means Foundation.  You stand on a foundation that is as solid as eternity itself.  You are unshakeable.  The calm expression of your intention erects the form of what you intend on the solid foundation of truth.  You only imagine limits to the power and grandeur and perfection of your intention.  And when you cease to imagine any limits you unbind your perception of the miracle and its grandeur.  The strength of your intention is the inner foundation on which you can always rely to manifest in no time the fulfillment of your heart’s desire, whatever it may be.


And the tenth and final attribute of your power for manifesting miracles is called Malkuth, which means Kingdom.  The world is your kingdom and you wear the crown of its king.  The kingdom is the physical dimension in which your miracle receives final form, its form originally traced by the awareness of your intention of what is to be.  You live in the kingdom of your perception.  If you limit your perception to the illusion wrought by the five senses you do not see your miracle, except in certain momentary instances at best.  But you have eyes that can see the kingdom of your intention, and when you view that kingdom you experience it.


These, then, are the ten attributes of your single power for manifesting miracles, as represented by the ten emanations of the Kabbalah Tree of Life.  Your kingdom of experience is a reflection of your degree of awareness of this power and its attributes; or better stated, a reflection of your degree of acceptance of these.  


You, as a human being, have free choice.  You can live in the divine kingdom of your heavenly power or you can grovel in the dust of false belief in a limited self disunited from its illimitable source.  


How do you know that the dust grovelers cling to false beliefs? Because they suffer, and suffering is caused by a misperception of reality.  The reality is that your intention is omnipotent and you live in the field of its grace.  Can you deny this?

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