Kabbalah's Key
To Your Path To Paradise (3)

Bob Lancer


As you see what you create and how you create it – in other words, as you awaken to your functioning in Briah – you gain mastery.  You gain the ability to create what you want.  As you pass through the abyss, you discover how you have been misusing your creative power.  With this sad and frightening realization comes the dawning of the light, in which you see what you are really meant to create.  


Here is how you create.  You create with your thoughts, feelings, speech and actions.  Thoughts and feelings exist in the world of Yetzirah, which means Formation.  Your thoughts shape your destiny and your feelings draw that destiny to you. But this is perhaps the most misunderstood "secret" of all time.  Spending a few minutes thinking about what you want does not change the hours you spend unconsciously thinking about what you do not want. Going to a motivational conference to get all pumped up does not make you more conscious of the negative feeling-states you unconsciously entertain almost all of the time.


You imagine yourself in a problem.  You fear what might be. Then you affirm 10 times that you are one with God.  After that, you slip back into your unconscious state and imagine the world you don't want.


Only as you become increasingly aware of how you function in Yetzirah do you arise into Briah, where you take significant command of the formative forces within you.


The formative forces of Yetzirah determine the physical conditions which represent the fourth world, the world of Assiah.  Assiah means "Making".  It refers to the making of what we call material conditions, the process of manifestation.  This is the level many seem to completely identify with as the only reality.  For them, it is the only reality, because they are unconscious of their inner lives.  They don't know enough to pay attention to the relationship between what they think, feel, do, and say and what happens to them.


It is said that we are given the light of higher awareness by grace.  Those who know enough to look within for the source of their problems and their solutions have grace, sheer grace, to thank.  They have been "saved" in the spiritual and material sense.  But their salvation has only just begun.  Once you know where to look, you have to discipline yourself to look there.  The habits of your past, and the habits of the people around you, direct your attention outside of yourself for the cause, for the origin, of your experiences.


In the world of Assia, whatever you work for works.  Take action for what you want and your life heads in the direction you want it to go in.  One of the great powers at your disposal, the one that Isidore Friedman focused his students on the most, is the power of speech.  You bring about what you speak about.  You talk yourself into every problem that you think you have.  How you speak to others determines how well your relationships serve your purpose.  Practice speaking more consciously, and connect your speech to your deeper purpose.


To rule your world, take command of what you say and do.  Align those with what you  want to happen to you.  In Kabbalah we are taught that the higher or deeper world rules the lower relatively "outer" world.  To rule your speech and actions, grow more aware of your thoughts and feelings.  Examine how you function in Yetzirah.


When you begin consciously directing your formative forces, your activities in Yetzirah, you emerge into Briah and gradually become more consciously and intentionally creative. This will lead you to the Abyss.


In the Abyss, just face your demons.  Face your fears, your hatreds, your beliefs in lack and powerlessness, your sense of utter failure and inadequacy.  Face those and gradually the light of true understanding and wisdom will dawn.  You will sense the true will behind your life, the purpose you came here to fulfill.  Welcome to Paradise.



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