Life's Deliverance Through Kabbalah  Part 4



Here is a way to employ The Tree of Life to attune your consciousness to the forms of experience that you desire to attract into your life.


Contemplate each stage of awakening represented by the spheres on the Tree of Life with your mind and heart open to receive the visualizations of the forms of experience, the specific conditions, that you desire, consistent with the energy or attribute of that Sphere.  Follow the sequence of stages of awakening by starting once again at the bottom of the following list.  


As you contemplate what you want, turn it into a prayer that asks for that condition from the Infinite Power that determines what is to be. As you do this exercise, you need to be clear of any impatience, anxiety, or frustration, because those indicate that you are actually projecting what you do not want beneath your vision of what you do want, which undermines this exercise. If you cannot envision what you want without depreciating what is, was and what may be, don't do this exercise and focus instead on clearing out. 


Clearing out will provide you with longer and longer periods of inner freedom when you can envision what you want with complete faith in what is, and without the slightest sense of grasping or deprivation in the now.


Sphere 1: Imagine that the infinite power that determines what happens is exactly aligned with what you desire to happen, and that together you are creating the circumstances that ultimately fulfill you to the utmost.


Sphere 2: Imagine you and your life doing exactly what is needed for the accomplishment of all that you truly desire your life to be.


Sphere 3: Imagine yourself in a set of circumstances that match your deepest sense of understanding of what would be a totally satisfying, wonderful life for you.


Sphere 4: Imagine yourself in a situation that fills you with the realization of so much grace and love operating in your life that you feel your heart overflowing with gladness and gratitude.


Sphere 5: Imagine yourself fee and clear of any forms of waste, excess or interference, living a life that feels truly just. 


Sphere 6: Imagine yourself in surroundings that are totally beautiful to you, living in a  way that feels totally beautiful to you, receiving the influences of absolute beauty from the scene that you are exposed to. 


Sphere 7: Imagine the forms of victory, success, accomplishment that would cause you to feel that your life is an utter triumph.


Sphere 8: Imagine yourself in a situation in which you are feeling totally worthwhile, honorable, filled to overflowing with pure self-respect, free of any trace of condescension or moral superiority toward yourself or others.


Sphere 9: Imagine being totally supported, having all the means and resources you could possibly want or need to live the life that is totally fulfilling for you.


Sphere 10: Imagine the life you want to be living.


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