Life's Deliverance Through Kabbalah  Part 5



Finally, though it may seem unpleasant, it helps immeasurably and actually proves necessary to awaken to the darkness within.  There is no other way to clear the darkness and expand the inner light of your liberation.  To do this, take some time to observe what you are thinking and feeling in the present to more alertly recognize when you are:


Sphere 1: Resisting what is happening, was happening, or may happen; relating to life as if it can hurt you; pitting your power against the universe based on a belief that you need to be in more control than you can demonstrate with peace, poise, and confidence.


Sphere 2: Doubting the perfect wisdom guiding you, and guiding your life, in the now.


Sphere 3: Conceiving of life, reality, or your possibilities as being bad for you.


Sphere 4: Believing that life can be cruel, that you can receive too little kindness, freedom, abundance or grace.


Sphere 5: Anxiously pondering possibilities of losing or of being deprived of too much or more than is really good for you.


Sphere 6: Considering the ugly possibilities of life, yourself, people


Sphere 7: Anticipating defeat, failure, disappointment upon you or heading your way.




Sphere 8: Imagining yourself in a situation, or perhaps headed toward a situation, in which you have to suffer humiliation or disgrace.


Sphere 9: Worrying about yourself or others not having all of the support that is needed for all that is truly best.


Sphere 10: Thinking, speaking or acting as if the way things appear to be is the way they really are, that there is no spiritual dimension to your experience that provides you with all you really want and need all the time, that your life can in any way, at any time, be anything but totally for you.


When you notice yourself slipping into dark mindsets or heartsets, just observe your thoughts and feelings.  Don't resist them.  The more aware you are of the present moment, the more energy you withdraw from self-defeating internal states, and flow into the enlightening, liberating state of perfect trust in, and love of God and God's constant deliverance through every event, which unites you with true fulfillment.




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