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Kabbalah is all about uniting with God.  And yet, it defines God as the all-in-all.  All that is is described by Kabbalah’s Tree of Life as 10 essential Divine Emanations (referred to as “Spheres” in English) that interact through the 22 letters of the sacred Hebrew alphabet (represented by the 22 Paths on the Tree of Life Diagram).  So why do we need to unite with all there is?  Our relation to the Divine is like the relation between the ocean and the ocean wave.


If we are already one with God in reality, and yet the value of Kabbalah is to facilitate that oneness, there must be an aspect of our consciousness that needs fixing, repair or improvement.  The goal of Kabbalah is to take us into consciousness of what we already are.  Kabbalah adjusts our consciousness.


The Tree of Life, which is somewhat shaped like a keyhole, offers us a key to accomplishing this adjustment.  When we understand how to relate to it, we can use the Tree to interpret what is happening to us and why.  


At all times there is really only one thing happening: Divine Will.  That “one thing” is represented by the first Sphere on the Tree.  It’s Hebrew name is Kether, translating into the English word, Crown.


The Crown gives us a hint about what the Kabbalah Tree of Life truly represents: the Divine form of government.  We might describe this form of government as “Cosmocracy”.  (I recall back when I was studying with the late, great sage, Isidore Friedman, Izzy used to refer to himself as a Cosmocrat.) Particularly in today’s times as governments fall into utter chaos, the Tree of Life offers us a grand solution.


The universe is, indeed, governed.  Law and order prevails.  Eastern religion calls it Karma.  The ancient Greeks called it The Court of Time. Truth always comes out.  No one breaks the laws of the cosmos for long. All of the laws of cosmos come down into one. We can call it the law of individualizstion.


Let’s take a step back to see how the universe, including your individual life, is governed perfectly by this law.  Central to the cosmic order is the reality that there is really no such thing as free will.  Free will is an illusion.  The Crown rules the all-in-all.  There is only one Power and it is the only Power operating in every experience.  The energy quality represented by the Crown of the Tree is the Power of Absolute Will: pure, irresistible, perfect Will.  The fact that you are reading this, for instance, has not been determined by your free choice.  This is your destiny.


If you refer back to the roots of our American Democracy, presently in a state of catastrophic shambles, you will find the work of the ancient Greek shaman-initiate, Solon.  His sacred political science poem laid out the framework for the original system of Democracy that he produced to rescue the Athenians from the state of dire despotism destroying Athens from the top down.  Solon was aided by the magical work done by his friend Epimenides.  Epimenides, a shaman regarded as a God in his lifetime, had been summoned by the Oracle of Delphi from the island of Crete to purge Athens of its political corruption, and to heal its citizens from the plague that corruption had brought on.  Following Epimenides' rituals, the institution of Solon’s constitution was executed and the Golden Age of Athens began.  Individuality was honored and the greatest works of art, philosophy and science followed.  This became the bedrock of Western Civilization.  The constitution of the United States, currently being dissembled, is the direct descendant of Solon’s work, a work that the Founding Fathers referred to and praised.


Solon’s work, rooted in the Mysteries, derived from his experience of Cosmic Consciousness that he encountered through initiations.  From his perception of the cosmos through Divine Mind he was able to produce a system of law and order that matched the cosmic system and thus fulfilled the cosmic purpose or logos.  This takes us back to the Tree of Life and to the value of Kabbalah.  Kabbalah’s goal of uniting with the Divine is not arbitrary.  It matches the Cosmic Purpose.  It aligns with Divine Will.


At the root of American Democracy is honor of the individual, not to give the individual unbridled license for self-interest, but to support the spiritual evolution of the human race.  Our evolution does not occur en mass.  It occurs one individual at a time.  Listen, some time, to William Faulkner’s acceptance speech when he won the Nobel Prize for literature.  Listen to Bob Dylan’s “I Aint Gonna Work On Maggie’s Farm No More”.  As all great artists recognize, individuals lead humanity, and not the other way around.  The individual, like a Jesus or Joan of Arc, is always persecuted by the very masses that he or she serves at the highest level.  The masses are all about defending the status quo and clinging atavistically to the past.  To get the clearest insight into the depravity that atavism spawns – like the atavism of current political regimes founded in the hubris of unbridled self-interest and domination - read Faulkner’s A Rose For Emily in which he associates this attempt to dominate time through past-clinging with the perversity of necrophilia.


No government, be it a nation’s, a corporation’s or even the “laws” a couple agrees to regarding their relationship can stand against the structure, function, order of the universe.  In other words, to withstand the tests of time a government must be “cosmocratic”.  And what is the essence of cosmocracy?  It is honor of individuality.  


The individual is always persecuted by the masses.  Yet it is the individual that represents the evolution of humanity that the entire cosmos is all about.  This is the One Will of the universe, and the One Will behind all that happens in your life.  Every experience that happens to you is designed to function as a kind of “ripening” process, with the goal of ultimately harvesting the full potential of your individuality.


Just as the Crown on the Tree is associated with number 1 by being the first Sphere on the Tree, 1, the number of associated with individuality; and 1 is what your life is about.  Everything that happens to you is nothing to resist.  You never need to struggle over any decision facing you.  Nothing can go wrong.  You can’t make any mistakes.  Whatever path you choose is ultimately the path that is chosen for you, the path through which your individuality will prosper.


Based on this principle we can understand the art of individuality to be the art of surrender.  Surrender your sense of personal will to the Will behind events.  Stop striving after goals, running away from problems.  Let the universe be in charge of your life, because it already is.  


For many, the path of surrender is untenable.  They are not yet ready to step out of the way and let the flow of events be in charge.  They are not yet at the stage of individuality when they are ready to, as Jesus put it, “Step out from among them and be ye therefore separate.”


In the great initiatic poetry of another Pre-Socratic master, Empedocles, we read about his initiation of his disciple Pausanius.  In the poem he tells Pausanius that “because you stepped aside, I will teach you.”


Are you ready to “step aside” and allow the universe to run your life?  Here is a key as to how.


In Judaism we learn that Joy is a mitzvah – a good deed – and that sorrow taken too far is a sin.  There is certainly a time for grieving losses, but this is limited.  It is a show of respect for the group-soul of animality from which the individual is emerging.  The high art of enjoying life is at the heart of wisdom.  As you adjust your way of relating to everything that happens as a celebration of your individualization process toward full realization of your Perfection in Oneness with the Godhead, you are aligning with the Will of the cosmos. Your deepest sense of inner joy alerts you to when you are fully aligning with Cosmic Will.


When it comes to relationships, find the joy of unconditional love by bringing honor of each individual’s freedom to be who he/she is without your opposition, neediness or attempt to dominate.  Then that relationship will prove lasting and fruitful.


The government in charge of your life trumps (no pun intended) any other form of government’s attempt to challenge your emergence into ultimate individualization.  Rest assured, there is only One Power operating in reality.  Trust it and be One with It.  


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