Kabbalah's Key To Problem-Solving


  7.Victory: Stay focused on victory, not on defeat.  We can define victory as the achievement of that which you intend, the manifestation of the solution to your problem. Watch your mind to notice the instant you begin dwelling on thoughts that we can characterize as "negative what-ifs", like "what if things do not work out?" or "what if what I do to solve my problem does not work?"  The moment you dwell on such a thought, you direct your creative energy to manifest defeat.  Shift your focus to access the full power of your creative potential by considering the victory you intend. 
But don't spend too much time merely envisioning what you want.  The instant you see your goal in your mind, go into wisdom to consider what you can do to manifest it.  Focus on your victorious vision, and then go from vision to action.  Action expresses the faith that you can achieve what you intend, and faith opens the door of opportunity.


8.Honor: Victory without honor, though, has no real value.  Any level of accomplishment that is gain through corruption defeats itself in the end.  Pursue an honorable path to victory.  Practice integrity.  This does not necessarily mean playing by the rules established by others.  It means playing by the rules of your own conscience.  Do what you believe is right.  Examine your own conduct with self-honesty.  Recognize when you are rationalizing away the message of your heart as a cover-up for wrongdoing.  Be committed to providing excellence, to recognizing the flaws in your own performance and to doing your best to rectify them.   Honor yourself and others by relating to all as sacred.  Honor the sacredness of your life by living in gratitude. Make service your ultimate purpose. Think about how the solution to your problem can help you to serve others more fully.  For instance, if your problem is a physical ailment, your solution would be a healthy condition that enables you to contribute more of your gifts for the benefit of others.  Instead of worrying about what will happen if things get worse, focus on what you can do right now to serve others, and do it.  The more you give, the more you receive.


9.Foundation: Your foundation is your inner strength, your power to endure, withstand, and persevere for as long as it takes to accomplish your intended objective.  Give up any notion of time limits.  Simply focus on doing what you can for what you want right now.  Worrying about not having enough time is a waste of time.  In the present moment, be as efficient as you can be for what you intend to achieve and you make time your ally.  Live in the eternal, timeless now.  Continue moving forward toward the objective you intend as long as you intend it.  This makes you unstoppable, and that is really the point of solving your problem: it is not what you make of life, but what life makes of you that is what life is really all about.  The deeper purpose of life is to transform the temporal you into the eternal you, to form and fashion you into your limitless potential.  Your problems give you a means for accomplishing that ultimate intention for you.


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