The Kabbalah Tree Of Abundance


We’ve all heard the expression that money doesn’t grow on trees.  Well, there is one tree that money actually does grow on.   It is the Kabbalah Tree of Life, which we can accurately name The Kabbalah Tree f Abundance.


Abundance is your birthright.  It is actually the true state of your affairs.  Lack, loss and limitation of supply in any area, on any level, is sheer illusion.  The Kingdom of Reality in which you truly are is the body of Infinite Divine Being.


What then produces the appearance of a lack of funds, a lack of any form of supply, in so many lives?  We are told that there are more people that can be classified as impoverished in the world today than at any other time in recorded history.  Does this not contradict the statement that abundance is the condition of all?


It all depends upon where you place your attention.  If you place your attention on appearances you do not place your attention on any imaginary or conceptual interpretation of what that appearance means.  For example, you might see a woman dressed in rags, standing on a street corner with a sign that asks for pennies for food.  If all you see is this image you do not give it any meaning.  You don’t go into your thought-story of any more information than what you see.


Let’s say that you see another person.  This woman is driving a Tesla, dressed sharply, and made up glamorously.  If your attention remains on the appearance, and does not drift into a mental story about her life, the image has no meaning.  It is just an appearance.


The same is true regarding your personal affairs.  Place your attention on the appearances of your life, without going into mental stories about what those appearances mean and all you see are images without meaning.  You can look at an empty wallet, but that does not mean anything.  It is just an empty wallet.  The richest person in the world might pick up a wallet and see that it is empty.


The field of your awareness is always full.  Even listening to silence fills up your ears and peering into total darkness fills up your eyes.  Everywhere you look you see unbound abundance.  Open up to your feelings and you will feel full of whatever feeling is present, even numbness.


You have to go into a mental, emotional story in your mind to experience a condtion less than abundance.  In other words, you have to go into a dimension of illusion to experience less than total abundance.  And even when you do that, and experience a feeling of constriction and lack, that feeling fills you up; it becomes a condition of abundance.


What has this to do with the Kabbalah Tree of Life, the Kabbalah Tree of Abundance? Let’s see.


Sphere 1 on the Tree represents the power of Absolute Divine Will.  There is no force that can oppose this Will.  It is omnipotent, and it fills existence.  In other words, it is omnipresent.  Wherever you are, the Will of God is there, filling out the totality of your here and now existence; filling out the existence of your very self.  God’s Will is Perfect, Determining Perfection, and it is everywhere.  In fact, it constitutes the very being of all that is, including you.


Sphere 2 on the Tree represents the Perfect Wisdom of God.  There is no doubt about what to do in any given instant.  There is no possibility of a mistake, a wrong choice, or an inferior choice.  The Perfect Wisdom of God can be described as Infallible Intelligence, and, like Divine Will, it is everywhere.  Absolutely Perfect Wisdom fills the entire universe in a state of total abundance.  There is no limit to the breath and depth of this Perfect Wisdom.  Like the Power of Divine Will, it constitutes your very being.  It is here and it is now, guiding you perfectly along the path of all of your true needs being met.


Sphere 3 on the Tree represents the Perfect, Infinite Understanding of God.  There are no mysteries to this Understanding.  There is nothing that remains unknown.  The Mind of this Understanding contains all solutions; that Mind contains all that is.  Total, Perfect Understanding fills you and it fills me.  There is no separation from the Abundance of Infinite Understanding, no place where it is not.  The universe is filled with it and embraced by it.  It is yours in total abundance, because it is what you are made of.  When you believe or imagine that you lack understanding of anything, you believe or imagine what is not. 


Sphere 4 represents the limitless Giving Nature of the Divine that provides endless abundance of all supply.  This Divine Power is the Great Disseminator.  It is the Divine Nature to radiate the 10 Divine Qualities on the Tree in abundance, into infinity.  This is the Divine Power of Grace.  You don’t have to do anything for the Infinite Abundance of Perfect Will, Wisdom and Understanding, nor for the rest of the Qualities on the Tree.  They are a given.  There is no lack that needs to be filled because fullness is all that exists, Perfect Fullness.  When you imagine lack or limitation you direct the Power of Perfect Fullness to give you that experience, by your choice.  When you realize that you are doing this to you, your ever-present freedom to return to the experience of Total, Perfect Abundance becomes conscious once more.


Sphere 5 represents the Blessing of Challenge and Adversity.  When you encounter a feeling of challenge you are experiencing the pressure of increase making its way into your consciousness.  The Law of the Universe is Expansion.  While the Total Abundance of Perfection does not expand, human consciousness expands into it.  Even the reading of this article gives you the feeling of pressure for expansion as your consciousness opens to grasp just how unlimited the condition of your abundance really is.  If we would describe the condition of your abundance as accurately as possible, we could describe it as God.  God, or Perfect, Infinite Being is all there is.  As you open your consciousness to feel this as present, you experience the true feeling of abundance.  This takes some degree of effort on your part, and it is that making of effort to experience more of God’s presence that is represented by this Sphere.


Sphere 6 represents the Perfect Beauty, Balance, and Harmony of the Divine that exists in total, infinite abundance.  There is no place where God’s Perfect Beauty, Balance, and Harmony is not.  To experience any other state you must go into your thought-world, into your imagination, to conceive of imperfection, discord, imbalance or ugliness.  The Perfect Beauty, Balance, and Harmony of the Divine fills your heart when you open your heart to experience it right here, where you truly are.  You can live in imbalance and injustice if you choose to live in thoughts that give you those disturbing feelings.  You can leave, in your consciousness, the Real World of Divine Harmony that is always now.  But why would you?  Why did you?  Because you did not know any better? That cannot be true when the Understanding and Wisdom of God is all there is.  You must have done it for some purpose, and that purpose must have been because you wanted to experience the opposite of your True Condition, to expand your awareness of that True Condition.  You can rest from that effort now and allow yourself to experience the Total Abundance of Divine Perfection in Beauty, Balance and Harmony that is now.


Sphere 7 represents the ever-present state of Victory that is omnipresent and therefore abundant in infinite supply.  There is nowhere that Pure and Perfect Victory is not: the Victory of the sheer Perfection of Existence in total abundance that has no bounds.  What a Divine Accomplishment! The Victory of Perfect Existence is that there can be no real lack in the Infinite.  You experience Victory in abundance at all times, though you may imagine something less happening.  You may imagine and believe in a condition of loss or defeat.  That is your choice.  But when you open your heart to the limitless abundance of Divine Perfection that is all there is, the appreciation of God’s Perfect Victory is yours.  What can be a greater Victory than the creation of the omnipresent state of Infinite and Perfect Beauty, Balance and Harmony?  The Presence of the Power of the Perfect Victory fills all with unlimited abundance right now.


Sphere 8 represents the state of Divine Glory that fills existence in total abundance.  The Glory of the Divine is the radiance of the sheer Perfection that is the true state of our Real Condition.  To view the splendor of Abundant Perfection from your heart is to feel the expansion of awe overcoming you.  To appreciate the Glory of the Divine that is our Abundance filling all of existence is to feel your heart filling with the vastness of Love that is boundless.  The joy, love, gratitude and feeling of Infinitely Sacred Value of the limitless abundance of Perfection that constitutes the nature of all that is, the gift of all that you are, inspires profound feelings of worship in the infinite depths of our hearts.


Sphere 9 represents the Infinite and Eternal, Perfect Foundation of Support that upholds the state of your True and Total Abundance Forever.  This Foundation is Perfectly Stable, Secure and Unshakable.  You are never really at risk.  Nothing of value ever really “falls through the cracks” because there are no cracks in this Foundation of all foundations.  This is the Foundation of Divine Strength of, El Shadai, of Almighty God, that is in you, of you, and for you in replete abundance.  All of the God-Qualities of the Spheres of the Tree are forever sturdily supported here, providing always the total abundance of Absolute Reliability.  Change is really an illusion.  It is not even in appearance.  You never really see change.  You see what is.  The next instant, you see what is.  Every moving picture is really just a series of snapshots.  There is no change.  There is only the One State, and this Sphere represents that state of Oneness that is God, that Adonai Echad, unchanging, never different, always the same Infinite State of Perfect Abundance.


Sphere 10 represents what can be described as “the Kingdom of Reflection.”  Another way of describing it is, “the physical world,” because your experience of your physical world is nothing but a reflection of your state of consciousness of the Real World that is the Divine Kingdom of Perfect Beauty, Balance and Harmony in Infinite Abundance.  To the extent that you live in conscious awareness of the Real, the physical reflects Perfect Beauty, Balance and Harmony.  If your physical world seems to show a condition of lack, make no effort to change that condition through physical means.  This would be like trying to improve your appearance as you look in the mirror by making changes to the mirror!  Direct your attention to the Real World represented by the Kabbalah Tree of Life.


So how does money grow on The Tree?  Cast your inner gaze on the inner condition of Divine Abundance and you will see.

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