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The universe is under perfect control.  The Kabbalah Tree of Life describes how.  The 10 Spheres on the Tree represent the 10 Divine Powers that rule existence.  


Sphere 1 tells us that all that happens is destined to be, meant to be, determined to be by Divine Will.


Sphere 2 tells us that all that happens is born of God’s Perfect Wisdom.  What happens is always ideal.


Sphere 3 tells us that what happens is the product of God’s Perfect Understanding.  Everything makes Perfect Sense.


Sphere 4 tells us that Perfect Mercy rules the universe.  All that happens is better than what we can possibly earn or deserve.  We are not just given, but forgiven.


Sphere 5 tells us that Perfect Justice rules the universe.  Injustice is just impossible.  When it seems that you are being treated unfairly it is because you are not taking everything into account.  There is nothing to rail against.


Sphere 6 tells us that all that happens is intrinsically beautiful.  Apparent ugliness is merely the orderly transition between one form of beauty to another, and if we examine the ugliness closely enough, we will see inherent beauty there as well.


Sphere 7 tells us that everything that happens is a Divine Triumph.  There is no such thing as defeat, disappointment or failure from the perspective of Truth.  Only God’s Perfect Purpose can be advanced through whatever is, and that is always based on God’s Perfect Will, Wisdom and Understanding.


Sphere 8 tells us of the Glory of God.  Everything that happens glorifies the Perfection of the Creator.  If you are not stunned by the magnificence of what happens it is because your consciousness has not expanded far enough to recognize and appreciate it.


Sphere 9 tells us that we are always perfectly supported by the eternal Foundation of Divine Law. You will never be let down. God’s Perfect System is forever.


And Sphere 10 tells us that what happens in the material plane is a physical product or reflection of the Perfect Spiritual Process that gives birth to it.


While Perfection is all that is, human consciousness fails to recognize it.  We live in distorted personal values aimed at preserving and pleasing our personal self.  The universe is not designed to consistently please and preserve the personal self.  From the personal standpoint, chaos rules and there is nothing we can do to stop it.  As we make the simple but profound effort to live consciously, to pay close attention to our life-experiences, we gradually awaken from the dream of personal values into the truth of Divine Perfection.


We awaken through our efforts to control our lives, and by examining the results of our efforts to control.  We discover what works and what does not work.  We thus gradually awaken to the Wisdom of God.  We learn how to create.



Kabbalah teaches us that there are four levels of the creative process.  Kabbalah denotes them through what it calls “The Four Worlds”.  These worlds operate in descending order, from the highest spiritual world to the gross, mundane, material world.  The highest world flows through the material world, rendering the material world a pure reflection of the highest spiritual world, manifesting The Kingdom of Heaven on the earth. 


We humans are here on earth to learn how to consciously apply this creative process.  


We begin by directing physical creation on the physical level.  We shape bricks out of mud.  We dig holes in the ground.  We build dwellings with our muscles.  Animals create on this level, as do plants.  In fact, all living beings, including cells and insects, create on the physical level.  


We cannot help but create beauty, even when we don’t see it is as beauty until we awaken.  Without effort, all living beings create beauty, like the beauty of a butterfly’s wings, the beauty of a flower. There is beauty to a germ. There is beauty to a gun or a bomb.  There is beauty in blood.  


Human beings have the distinguishing ability to deliberately create beauty on the physical level by, say, painting or dancing with the intention of transmitting a beautiful experience.


Human beings also create from the world above the physical.  In Kabbalah, the physical world is named Assiah, a Hebrew term meaning “Making.”  The world above Assiah is named Yetzirah, meaning Formation.  The world of Yetzirah contains our imagination.  As human beings we effect change on the physical world through our thoughts.  


In Kabbalah we are taught that the higher world rules the lower world.  Your imaginary world effectively rules your physical level.  Imagining what you want starts the process of it manifesting.


Most of us are creating from the world of Yetzirah all the time, because, unless we are thoroughly trained, we are thinking, imagining, conceiving all the time, and those internal phenomena influence the material plane to conform to them.  We manifest what we desire.  We manifest what we fear.  We manifest what we complain about.  We manifest what we regret.


While Beauty and Perfect Purpose rule our physical world, to our personal sense the world repeatedly descends into painful chaos, until we gain authority over the formative world. We gain this authority by rising above the world of Yetzirah, which takes us into the world of Briah. Briah means Creating.


We operate from the world of Creating by deliberately directing the world of Formation. As we deliberately work on directing our imagination to produce the circumstances that we want, we find our lives seemingly under our control.  But to the degree that we lack that control and slip into negative thinking, negative expectation, we continue creating conditions we do not want. As we continue working on mind-control, we gain increasing power to direct our lives.  But eventually this proves futile.


What we find is that no matter what we create, it doesn’t satisfy us for long.  There is a more powerful creative process at work in our lives.   No matter what we produce through our mind-control, it doesn’t seem to do us any real good. Creating what we want causes us to fear the loss of it.  And the loss of it is inevitable, because the physical world is constantly changing.  The experience of futility on the creative level leads us to what Kabbalah calls “The Abyss”. This can also be described as “The dark night of the soul”.  Bob Dylan calls it, “Desolation Row”.


In today’s new age culture many people are trying to control their lives by using what is called The Law of Attraction.  They are trying to attract what they want. But ultimately, this proves futile, because whatever you attract is on its way out of your life the instant after it arrives.  You also find that whatever you deliberately create in your life brings you no real fulfillment.  Why?  You have not awakened to the Divine Perfection of whatever IS.


If you survive the disillusionment of The Abyss, you can awaken to the highest World, the World of Atziluth, which means the World of Emanation or the World of Origins. In this World human consciousness awakens to the first three Spheres of the Tree of Life: Divine Will, Wisdom and Understanding.  What happens then is that we turn over or surrender our personal will and desires to the guiding impulse of Divine Will, Wisdom and Understanding. The mastery over the Formative World that we developed in the Creative World is given to the Divine as our sacrifice.


Instead of trying to control what we create or attract, we open our heart and mind to the guiding light of the Divine.  To achieve this we practice deeply relaxing meditation by opening up to the deepest center of our being, and watching and waiting to sense, feel and know what is truly meant to be.  We allow God to rule our thinking and become conscious co-creators with the Divine.


This process involves purifying our consciousness, freeing ourselves from the personal values that make life seem so hard, so painful, so unrewarding, so threatening. Through directing our attention within, to examine our thoughts and feelings, we discover that all of our negative judgment regarding any experience is nothing but an arbitrary opinion.   We realize that we really don’t KNOW that anything is going wrong.  We discover that our true happiness and fulfillment come from letting go of our opposition to what happens.


Our fulfillment does not come from what we create, but from allowing the Divine to create through us.  This fulfills the human purpose and characterizes the next step in the evolution of human consciousness.  You are not here to create or to attract what you want.  You are here to contact and connect with Divine Will.   As you do this, you find the entire universe supporting you.  All of your needs are met, all of your desires fulfilled – not by outer circumstances, but by the “inner circumstance” of your Divine Union.  You allow and consciously cooperate withthe Creative Process of God.


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