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Part 3    


Sphere 5 on the Tree represents the Divine Justice that rules the universe and permits you to experience any limitations that you encounter in your consciousness. 


In reality there are no limitations, but our consciousness is not yet fully awakened to that.  We go through experiences of hardship until we see that all forms of lack and limitation exist as mental visions. 


When you let go of the mental vision (concept) of a problem, the problem ceases to exist; you can then focus on the solution and find a way to bring it about, or to let it come about.


The Sphere 5 of parenting has to do with your need to establish responsible boundaries with your child.  The purpose of establishing boundaries for a child should never be punitive, though. 


Punishment is pointless.  All it teaches children is to be punishing, including self-punishing.  It raises children to become vindictive and mean-spirited.   The only behavior the punished child regrets is the punishing behavior of the parent who punished him.


It is possible to impose boundaries that are overly constrictive, and it is possible to be too lax in the imposition of boundaries.  Both of these forms of unbalanced parenting produce child behavior problems sooner or later.


The rule to follow when imposing boundaries is to avoid giving a child more freedom and privilege than the child can handle responsibly.  Otherwise, we repeatedly place the child in a situation where the child is bound to fail, and that has severe consequences.


The child who behaves disruptively in a restaurant needs to be removed from the restaurant if you cannot quickly settle him down. 


This is because if you permit the child to continue behaving in ways that disturb the staff and other customers of the restaurant, you are permitting the child to develop inconsiderate behavior patterns. 


At the same time, the negative looks the child receives subtly program the child to think of himself as a failure, and that negative self-image further propels the child into negative self-conduct.


In Kabbalah, the higher Spheres are said to rule the lower Spheres.  Relative to parenting, this means that the Sphere of Mercy should rules the Sphere of Justice or Discipline.  In other words, the only reason to establish boundaries is when you recognize that it is necessary for your child’s higher good.






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