The Kabbalah Of Creation:
Kabbalah’s Divine Powers To Create Your Victorious Life


Kabbalah’s Tree of Life provides us with a formula for creation that we can follow to bring about what we intend as soon as possible.


The essential purpose of our lives is to develop our capacity to apply this formula more and more perfectly, to grow into greater creators of grander accomplishments.  


If you seek mastery of your life’s challenges, you discover this formula.   


Many great highly accomplished individuals apply the formula unconsciously, almost accidentally, if you will. 


The more you deliberately apply this formula, consciously, the more adept at applying it you grow.  At the same time, the happier, more fulfilled, more purposeful, and more successful your life-experience.


The formula consists of using the following 10 creative powers:


1 = Human Intention and Divine Will: Direct your power to be effective.

2 = Wisdom: Follow the guidance that comes from within as to what action to take in line with your intention. 

3 = Understanding: Learn from the experience of taking action, and so be able to continuously discover and demonstrate ever higher levels of wisdom, making better and better choices relative to your intention.

4 = Mercy: Give yourself enough leeway, freedom, for the fun of it.  Also, be charitable, for giving charitably is the most gratifying experience of all. 

5 = Severity: Set limits on your freedom.  Apply sufficient discipline to continue moving in line with your intention.

6 = Beauty: Let the feeling of a beautiful heart overflowing in joy guide you along your true path.

7 = Victory: Live in the feeling that communicates your victory to the cosmic configuration “machine”. 

8 = Honor: Create mental images of victory and of the way that you want to perceive yourself and to be perceived by others.


9= Foundation: This is the cosmic configuration “machine”, lodged deeply within your unconscious, which interprets what you do with your forces and communicates the results that match the message.   


10 = Kingdom: This is the receiver of the results, the reflector of the message in material form.  


You can use this formula to rule your power to manifest in line with your intention.  Here is an exercise for doing just that:  


The Process


You can spend five seconds on each step, or as long as you like.  The more continuously you remain engaged in this exercise, the more of an influence it will have on your destiny:



Force 1 = Human Intention and Divine Will

 Know what you intend.  (A bit later we will look at the Divine Dimension of this Power.)  Know the outcome you intend to materialize.



Force 2 = Wisdom

Seek wisdom’s inner guidance to base your actions on the principals of materialization.  



Force 3 = Understanding

Learn the lessons of experience to connect more wholly to wisdom.  Pay attention to what happens next.



Force 4 = Mercy

Give yourself and others some leeway.  Be generous and charitable. Indulge in pleasure for the fun of it, in fun for the pleasure of it. The ability to give is the greatest privilege and pleasure.  Give others what they need to receive what you need.  Charitable giving is also a key to receiving and thus sustaining your fortune, for you produce a channel of in and out flow, that renews life.  




Force 5 = Severity

But you have to draw the line somewhere. Unbridled indulgence is a formula for disaster.  Employ a sufficient amount of discipline to stay on course – the course of manifesting what you intend.  Sacrifice the lesser pleasure for the greater joy.  Don’t meander too far off course.



Force 6 = Beauty

Beauty is the guiding feel.  It keeps you compassionate, inspired, attractive, appealing, radiant.  It’s harmony, happiness and truth.  Feel it now and abide by that feeling as continuously and completely as you can.



Force 7 = Victory

Broadcast victory to the universe, on a feeling level more base than the aesthetic sense of beauty: the emotions.  Your emotions are magnetic and repulsive.  Expecting to win attracts victory.  Expecting to lose repels victory.  The message conveyed by your emotional state programs cosmic affairs to bring you back the conditions that your message describe.  


In ancient Greece Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, later to be named Venus by the ancient Romans, was said to be the divine ruler of this force.  It’s the power of attraction.  Your power of attraction lies in your feelings.


So the task here is to broadcast the feeling of confidently expectin to win, to succeed, to overcome.  There are a two of sub-steps to achieving this:


1… Deliberately expect to win, to feel confident that you can and will triumph, to overcome, to be capable. (This is the opposite of expecting tragedy when you look ahead.)


 2… When you look back at your past, focus on what you can appreciate and feel grateful for, see how it was all a triumph.  (This is the opposite of feeling a sense of tragedy when you look back).


The purpose of looking forward and backward is to create a totally victorious emotional perspective.  You want to see and feel yourself as always lucky.  That’s real faith.


Step 8

Force 8 = Honor (Also called Glory)

Here is where we create mental visions of our anticipated, glorious victory.  


Mental prowess was associated with Hermes in ancient Greece, then with Mercury in ancient Rome.  Mercury bares the messages of the gods.  Your thoughts tell your life what to do. Your thoughts configure cosmic events.  


Your feelings attract what your mind conceives of.  


Conceive of your victory with feelings of confident expectancy and your life gives birth to your victorious outcome.  


Honor is also associated with a high level of respect.  Visualize yourself as who you need to be to respect yourself and visualize everyone else expressing genuine respect for you, for all time.  You will be this person.


Step 9

Force 9= Foundation

Here is where you will be tested.  You pass the test by persevering, by not swerving from your intention.  


Continue to work for what you want, not non-distracted or lured away.  Not giving up.  But when you do give up, get back up and get going again.  And you do this no matter how many times you fall, no matter when, where or how you fall.  That builds up the strength of the power to manifest the outcome you intend.


It also permits the blending of the eight creative forces that you have applied above into “ripening” your intention toward blooming materialization.  



Step 10

10 = Kingdom

This is the automatic product, manifestation and reflection, of how well you have been directing your energy through the above nine channels. This is this world, a world of reflection that you can only direct it from above.  Your life is as close to your ideal as you are adept at applying the above nine forces in creating it.



Step 11

1 = Divine Will

Now let’s take a look at the Divine Will aspect of the first power.  For here, in the oneness of initiative, the human and the Divine merge.  The Hebrew word for this is pronounced “yechidah”.  It means “union”.  


Open your imagination and your feelings to a sense of the Absolute Power of the Divine.  Imagine that power flowing through you, directed by your intention to manifest what you intend.  This is the power of absolute leverage.  Here are the ten steps to its use.

Imagine this Infinite Power:

1… empowering your intention to be unstoppable

2… perfect wisdom to be perfectly clear

3… perfect understanding to be perfectly clear

4… giving you unlimited power to give

5… giving you unlimited power to restrain yourself

6… making you and all you do perfectly beautiful

7… making your power to be victorious absolute

8… making your power to be worthy and inspiring of respect absolute

9… giving you the absolute strength to persevere until you prevail

10… manifesting the condition you intend


Apply this formula everyday, for as long as you live, to create your victorious self and your victorious life.



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