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Hebrew Title: Kether - כתר
English Translation: Crown


Keywords: Cause, Beginning, Intention, Fundamentals, Originality, Unity, The Point, Purity, Simplicity


Summary: According to Kabbalah wissdom, creation begins from this point, for this point. Infinite Divine Being "descends" to this point to emanate specific divine qualities and laws, which, in turn, emanate all of existence. The ultimate Power in existence resides here, in you, expressing the mysterious how and why of creation. Look for how you cause what happens to you. Focus on your intentions to cause what you want to create. Master your power to be in charge to wear the "Crown" of creation.




To create the universe the Infinite Being of God, referred to in Hebrew as Ain Soph, meaning No Limits, withdraws and contracts in a mysterious way called Tzim Tzum in Hebrew. This models the first Kabbalah wisdom step for your creation process.  Step back. Withdraw from the activities of working in your life, to work on your life from a higher level.


You have free will.  So stop reacting and start pro-acting. Thus, access your Kabbalah Success Power. You are not bound by circumstances, but only by your reactions to circumstances, until you set yourself free. Intend to be free.


As a human being, you are not just a living creature, but a living creator.  This means that you get to choose your results.  To worry about what may happen to is to place yourself at the effect of what happens, while you have the power to cause what you intend.  See your reactions as causes instead of as effects.  In other words, notice what you cause yourself and others by reacting as you do.


You have the Kabbalah Success Power to determine what will be, but you can also cause yourself misery by using this power unconsciously. Your will directs your destiny. Don't permit circumstances to "steal your crown" by relating with them as fixed instead of fluid, as anything but a reflection of what you are doing with your power. Your first expression of will is thought. How you think of your life is how you will your life to be.


Drop burdensome memories of how many times you have started, or of how long you have worked without results. Harness your Kabbalah Success Power by focusing on the now to feel renewed. Now is a new beginning. To hold onto your past is to horde experiences, which clutters your way forward. To enter the now, let the past go. You are a beginner by nature.  Now is the time to begin the creation of what you will right now.


The conditions you intend require a return to fundamentals. The most fundamental force is intention: focus on your intentions and don't concern yourself with what others may intend. You will reap what you sow, not what others sow.


Pursue the course that is the most simple. Complexity is a sign of conflict and conflict wastes energy. Harness your full Kabbalah Success Power around a single goal or intention. Where there is a sense of struggle or duality, you have strayed off the course of Kabbalah Wisdom of causing, into the blocked path of reacting. 


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