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 The best time to exercise your conscious will is when you find yourself alone. That is the position of all true leaders. Leaders are willing to do it first and they are willing to do it alone, until they attract followers, which inevitably happens.  Be true to yourself and reject any notion that suggests that you need to  be like someone else to succeed. Originality and authenticity always go together. Seek clarity as to your core motivation my meditating on the question, "What is it that I truly want most?" Use or seek solitude to discern what you are really about.


Even though your life may seem to mismatch your intentions at this time, trust that whatever is happening now is in line with and supports what it is you really want most. Never doubt the causative power of your intention.  You start to worry or feel disappointment only when you doubt that what you want is possible.  Cast out doubt, decide on what you want and be alert to recognize your immediate opportunity to advance.  


Instead of worrying about the frightening possibilities, contemplate the miraculous possibilities. Gently open your mind to the field of limitless possibility, with no specific outcome in mind. Enjoy the freedom of that. From there, it requires only your intention to bring about what you think about.


Embrace the uncertainty that only faith dissolves.  


Kabbalistic Correspondences
for Advanced Contemplation


•The Divine Name associated with this sphere is, Ehhehieh (pronounced eh-heh-yeh): אהיה.  It translates from the Hebrew to mean, "I Am that I Am", suggesting God as the one Self-Evident Power in existence.  It refers to the Ultimate Power of Will, the Power of God to create God. As you view these Hebrew letters, think of the God that you create. Do you imagine God as a power to fear? How you feel about the ultimate power ruling your life depends entirely on how you think of it. Think about how you would love God to direct your life.


•The archangel associated with this sphere is named Metatron.  The name is Greek and means Near Thy Throne.  You might imagine this archangel with you in the deepest dimension of your existence.  Imagine Metatron transmitting the pure, archetypal pattern of your ultimate will that directs all of the creative forces of the universe to form the conditions you intend.


•The angels associated with this sphere are named Chaith ha Qadesh. Their name means Holy Living Creatures.  Imagine these angels working upon you and for you to bring your highest intentions into full manifestation.


•The Astrological Correspondence with this sphere is the planet Neptune.  Astrologers associate Neptune with dreaminess, spirituality, and ideals. Imagine your mind receiving the influences of this planet that help you in realizing your ideals for every aspect of your life, and allow Neptune's gentle influences to release your heart to trust in the reality of those ideals coming into physical manifestation.  



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