Soulmates Through the Orphic and Kabbalah  


Let’s look at the intriguing topic of soulmates with fresh eyes.  First, we must understand what we mean by “soul”.  Here is what I will be referring to with that term.  Your soul is your True Self – as distinguished from your false self, your personality, meaning your identification with your body, emotions, desires and thoughts.  You are not your physical body.  Your emotions and desires do not belong to you.  Your thoughts do not automatically reflect the truth. Your True Self is a scintillating point of Divine Light in an endless sea of Perfect Heavenly Love and Light.  This describes your soul’s structure. 


Your True Self’s function is to enjoy eternally expanding infinite heavenly bliss in a mathematically perfect sphere of Beautiful Harmony and Infinite Oneness.  Your True Self has perfect faith, lives in pre-cognition of all that will happen, holds the plan for your eternal destiny, unconditionally loves all, especially its (your) Source: the Ultimate Level of your True Self, referred to mysteriously in the ancient Greek Orphic Theogany as “The God”.  Your True Self does not care what happens to your physical body or to your desires and emotions, because it sees those as nothing but reflections of its (your) current state of consciousness.  Your True Self relates to your current state of consciousness as the cause of all things.


Now for your soul’s order.  Where does it fit into the grand scheme of things?  Let us look at this through the lens the ancient Greek Orphic Theogany.  According to this ancient Mystery Wisdom, Dionisius is the soul of the universe, the True Self of the Infinite One.  Your True Self is an individualized expression of this one world soul, a spark of the infant God Dionisius.  


When Dionisius was a mere infant his father, who was the ruler of the universe at the time, none other than Zeus, passed him the staff that made him the ultimate ruler of the universe.  The titans, half-god / half-human giants, felt jealous of the infant’s position and power and hatched a plan to snatch both.  Their ploy involved giving the infant God some toys to play with, hoping the Infant God would be distracted.  Chief among them was a mirror.  When the Infant God saw his reflection in the mirror, he did indeed became mesmerized, confused and lost.  The titans seized upon his weakened state to proceed to chop him up, boil him, etc. and then consume the pieces.  Now they held his power and position, albeit in parts, or in sparks.


Upon learning about this duping and dismembering of his son, Zeus became enraged and blasted the titans themselves into bits with his mighty thunderbolt. Each bit contained a spark of his son.  The True You is contained in one of those bits. Your individualized soul-spark exists in a darkened electromagnetic field of titanic energy, characterized by a weighty pressure to identify with the false self and its attachment to the earth plane.  It is in this dark field of titanic energy that your consciousness is drawn into confusion of the earth plane with your true home.  Thus it is that you have been mesmerized and confused about who you Truly are.  You have identified with the reflections of your True Self in the distortion of the titanic mirror.  Thus, you fear what will happen to your body; when you experience an emotion or desire you falsely believe that it is how you truly feel; when you look at your thoughts, which are at best limited and loopy reflections of reality, and never true, you treat them as reality without sufficient questioning.


It was through the process of questioning that Plato guides us how into seeing the truth in his classic Dialogues, in the voice of his teacher, Socrates.  If you would begin questioning yourself, you would be led to the truth.  Self-inquiry is the way to spiritual awakening, or awakening to who you truly are.  It dissolves the veil of titanic darkness encompassing the individualized soul.  It is into this darkness that you incarnated: ensconced by a shrouded field of titanic energy.  This describes the order or placement of your soul in the grand scheme of things.


Now, to help us to us rediscover our True Self we have the Orphic teaching about Apollo’s relationship with the scattered sparks of Dionisius.  After Zeus blasted the titans into smithereens, each smithereen containing an individualized spark of Dionisius, he sent Apollo, the God of Unity, to search for and gather up the sparks of his son; to resurrect, if you will, the soul of the universe and restore him to his rightful place upon the throne of the universe, cleansed of all titanic corruption.   


Apollo is the God-force that drives us toward universal brotherhood and sisterhood, toward total cosmic and spiritual Oneness-Consciousness.  It includes the urge to grow spiritually, which enables us to come together in peace and harmony.  We are called to unite at the soul level, at the level of truth.  As we unite, our individualized souls merge in a state of higher consciousness that dissolves the dark influence of the titans.  Thus, any person who works against unity, who stirs up conflict and works against truth, works against the True Self, against the will of Zeus and the work of Apollo, and works for the titanic delusion and oppression of the soul.


This is where soulmates come in.  When you meet your soulmate, your soul has encountered another soul in perfect accord with the True You.  Your quintessential harmony brings you together at the highest level.  Because all souls are related, soulmate union draws all souls upward and closer together in a higher level of consciousness and harmony.  In the process of soulmate unification, the spark of each is empowered into higher states of illumination and love.  This permits these two souls to wake up as one from the dream of identification with the physical body, with emotions, with desires, and with thoughts.  It also makes clearly conscious the pain wrought by the titanic attack.  The psychological term for this pain is trauma.  In intimate relationships we are bound to touch on the secret and sacred wounds of our beloved.   


If we are truly soulmates, the arousal of trauma will be most intense, but it will not divide us.  Our love will keep us together as we go through the titanic pain the arousal of trauma delivers; and together, we find our way to deliverance from the shroud of titanic darkness through the piercing, fiery pain of aroused trauma.  Together we pass through dis-identification with the soul’s reflection in the magic mirror: the physical body, emotions, desires and thoughts.  This is what The Method accomplishes.  It is a means for passing through the pain of trauma into all of the peace, love, joy, truth, and infinite faith our True Self.


A soulmate relationship is the most deeply bonding experience of oneness we can have on the earth plane, but it comes with its cost.  The cost is the willingness to face all the terror that comes up when you feel that your relationship with your soulmate is in jeopardy.  This sense of jeopardy arises before the souls can advance into their next higher state of oneness.  Working through the terror results in a realization that the two are closer to one than ever before.


Soulmates And The Kabbalah Tree Of Life


The Kabbalah describes soulmates through its device for higher consciousness: The Tree of Life.  The Left Hand Pillar of the Tree represents the female polarity in the relationship.  The Right Hand Pillar represents the male polarity.  The Middle Pillar represents the harmonious, balanced union between the two.  The ten Spheres represent the Divine Attributes manifested by the couple.


The top Sphere on the Tree is named Kether or Crown.  It represents Divine Will.  Ultimately, what brings these two souls together is their ultimate dedication to doing what is truly right, to being truly good, to doing what is truly meant to be.  This joins them to the truth, the field of light occupied by the consciousness of the True Self.


The second Sphere is named Chockmah, meaning Wisdom.  This is the ultimate ambition of the two souls.  They want to follow God’s Wisdom most of all.  They shut out the sounds of the crowd.  Even their own personal desires, emotions and thoughts do not influence them.  They crave wisdom’s light the way animals crave food, water, sleep and sex.


The third Sphere is named Binah, which means Understanding.  It represents their endless appetite for more light, more light of Wisdom and Divine Will.  Thus, they study, meditate and pray for light from the depths of their being.  The quest for the inner light drives them night and day.


The fourth Sphere is named Chockmah, or Mercy.  It represents the Divine Mercy that they practice with one another.  They are totally kind, totally giving, totally forgiving toward one another.  They love to laugh together and share a great sense of humor.  They love to play, to take chances and to go all the way.


The fifth Sphere is named Geburah, or Severity.  It represents the boundaries that the two honorably avoid transgressing.  They can accept “no” for an answer without becoming upset or resentful.  This Sphere also represents their acceptance of one another’s suffering.  They do not require the other to be upbeat and happy all the time.  They know they must plunge into the depths of pain and suffering at times, and they accept this.


The sixth Sphere is named Tiphereth, meaning Beauty.  It represents the Being of Christ that they emanate more strongly when they are together.  Thus, they express all of the Divine Attributes of The Tree through their union, having first achieved it individually.  The way they are, the influence of their being together, uplifts the spiritual life of all.


The seventh Sphere is named Netzach, meaning Victory.  It represents the victorious nature of the soulmate relationship.  Together they are indomitable.  It also represents their perfect emotional harmony.


The eighth Sphere is named Hod, meaning Glory.  The soulmate relationship glorifies the Divine by transmitting the Christ Light –human god energy and light – into the world.  They inspire belief in miracles.  This Sphere also represents the couples perfect intellectual harmony.


The ninth Sphere of the Tree is named Yesod, meaning Foundation.  The soulmate relationship is founded on an eternal basis.  This Sphere also represents the perfect sexual harmony of the couple, and their need to create something greater.


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