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Part 6

Bob Lancer


Path Correspondences


There are also four primary levels of correspondence, relating to the 4 spiritual worlds respectively, with the 22 paths of the Tree. These include:

1.A mixture of the energy-qualities of the two spheres joined by the path.

2.A letter of the Hebrew alphabet. (There are the same number of letters as paths.)

3.One of the Major Trumps of the Tarot. (There are 22 of these. The images of the Tarot selected here symbolically portray the stages of spiritual growth and the creative process represented by the paths.)

4.A planet or zodiacal sign (which combined equal 22).


The 3 Pillars


The Tree of Life also consists of "3 Pillars", the 3 vertical columns of spheres. The Pillar on the right contains spheres 2, 4 and 7. This is called "the Male Pillar" because the type of forces it represents are positive (in the electrical sense), meaning out-flowing, expansive, and overcoming.  


The Pillar on the left includes spheres 3, 5 and 8. It is called "the Female Pillar" because the kinds of forces it represents are in-drawing, sacrificial, and refining.  Without the female powers, the male powers could not produce form, order, or function – there would be no existence. Without the male powers, the female powers would have no power to form – again, no universe. The middle pillar is the pillar of balance, intercourse, and unity. Its spheres consist of 1, 6, 9 and 10. Its function is to join the male and female forces in a creative process that gives birth to what is.  Maintaining balance is crucial for keeping the destructive forces of chaos at bay.


This information about the Pillars is given to you that it might add to your sense of the sphere and path guidance that follows, as well as contribute to your store of practical wisdom in your attempts to direct your life and fulfill your destiny. Avoid being too male, pushy, or too female, passive, in your efforts, trusting a balanced approach in all things, including your study and application of Kabbalah.


Viewing The Tree As a Whole


The Tree of Life is a schematic of where you come from, how you come to be, and how totally good all truly is. It portrays the 10 divine powers flowing through the four spiritual worlds within you.  When you look at the Tree diagram, you are connecting with the essential pattern of creation, including the intercourse between your physical and spiritual levels of existence, through your gaze. 


Often times in a relaxed and receptive state, I have fixed my eyes upon the Tree, imagining myself merging with the splendid pattern of the real Tree it represents, clearing and opening the channels of energy within me, connecting, balancing and ordering all levels of my being into a more harmonious state of true wholeness, attuning my consciousness to deeper levels of truth and aligning all of my functions with divine will. I have found this quite beneficial.


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