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Kabbalah's Keys To Relationship Success

By Bob Lancer


Kabbalah's Tree of Life can be viewed as the living tree of cosmic and spiritual law upon which your relationships with other people blossom.  Each of the 10 Spheres on the Tree represents a powerful, even a crucial key to your relationship success.  While it's easy to blame others for the anxiety, frustration and disappointment we experience

in relationships, the quality of our relationships reflects the level of our ability to fully harness the supreme potencies of these 10 keys.


The 10 Spheres on the Tree represent the ten spiritual, creative powers of: 1 Will, 2 Wisdom, 3 Understanding, 4 Mercy, 5 Justice, 6 Beauty, 7 Victory, 8 Honor, 9 Endurnce, 10 Responsibility. There is no known limit to how much of splendid power you can wield as you grow in your mastery of the application of these keys.


Key 1: Be intentional. There are times when you won't feel like making the effort to get along and relate with skill and care, because moods and motivation naturally rise and fall like waves on the ocean. At those times, rise above desire into the greater power of will, of self-determination, as you direct yourself to relate with the other as well as you can.

Key 2: Be wise. When you feel tempted to take something personally and react emotionally, pause to consider the consequences of what you are about to say or do. Consider what you have learned from past experiences that you can apply in the present instance for more of what you want. Also, pay very close attention in the present to recognize where your actions and reactions are leading things.


Key 3: Be understanding. Consider the other's interests and perspective and seek a fair agenda.  Also, be open to learning new ways to improve the way you relate with the other person for more satisfying experiences and results.  

Key 4: Be kind. Compassion is the heart of happiness and the substance of your bond with others. In both business and personal relationships, kindness nurtures and preserves the channels of connection. 


Key 5: Be just. Take responsibility for firmly establishing what you will and will not accept. No one can take advantage of you without your cooperation! It's up to you to look out for your own interests.


Key 6: Be harmonious. Strive to get along. Getting along with the other is the foundation for getting whatever else you want from the relationship. Even when you feel very hurt or threatened, reject ugly strategies like bickering, attacking, creating scenes of public disturbance, etc..


Key 7: Be victorious. Avoid focusing on what you do NOT want to happen in your relationship. Remain confident that even during difficult phases you can find a way to a mutually satisfying outcome.


Key 8: Be honorable. Consistently express genuine respect for yourself, for the relationship and for the other person. Reject overly self-centered, underhanded, disloyal, dishonest maneuvers aimed at taking unfair advantage of the other, even when no one else seems to be looking.


Key 9: Be steadfast. For a relationship to fulfill its greatest potential, both individuals need to be in the relationship for the long term and demonstrate the unrelenting fortitude to make it through the present challenge.


Key 10: Be responsible. Accept responsibility for your own thoughts, feelings, speech and actions and for the consequences they produce. Whatever happens, you can always look back to see how the choices you made led up to it.




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