Practical Kabbalah Wisdom Discloses The Secret Plan For Your Success


According to practical Kabbalah spiritual wisdom, there exists a level of Divine Understanding that contains the archetypal pattern of creation.


Think of it as a divine blue print for success for the entire universe, existing as a Divine Idea in the Mind of God.


According to Kabbalah Wisdom, human beings have the potential to participate in more and more in that divine power of understanding.


Like God, you have the power to conceive of a plan that will physically manifest the success that you conceive of.


Just as YOU conceive of a plan leading to your success, Kabbalists teach that the Divine conceives of a PERFECT Plan for your Success.


The Kabbalah contends that for you to fulfill your true life-purposes pursue a path of self-development aimed at improving your use of this great mind-power, to make it more and more Divine, if you will.


According to the practical Kabbalah, when you encounter opposition to achieving a goal, it is because your plan and God’s plan are not matching up.


The nature of Divine Understanding, Kabbalah teachers assert, is Absolutely Good.


In other words, there already exists a Perfectly Good Success-Plan for you.


Haven’t you ever experienced the sense that God’s plan for your life was wrong, and that yours was superior.


People often feel this way when they pass through deep grief and loss.


Kabbalistic philosophy suggests that in those cases, our healing begins as we release ourselves from this false notion, and trust that despite our strongest opinions to the contrary, only pure and perfect goodness can ever really happen to us.


Once we do this, we inevitably find that this is indeed the case.


Happiness arrives as your understanding aligns with Divine Understanding of what is really best for you.


So if what you want is not taking place, remember this Kabbalah secret wisdom: instead of fearfully resisting or worrying about what is happening, calm down and open your mind to a vision, concept, plan or understanding of what is really best for you to do.


You have to calm down first because in the absence of calm there is no clarity.


To the extent that you feel anxious or worried you are filling your mind with thoughts a negative plan.


When you worry, Kabbalistic teachings regard that as a misuse of your divine power of visualization, conception, or understanding.


As a consequence of that misuse of the power of your mind you suffer. And the suffering goes on until you have the sense to look within to discern the real cause of your suffering.


That real cause, as a Kabbalistic master might state it, is a misalignment of your understanding with God’s.


Here is Kabbalistic advice for correcting that problem:


1. Look within until you can discern the thoughts, concepts or mental vision that triggers your insecurity.


2. When you notice that thought, remind yourself of the teaching of Kabbalah that says you never really have anything to worry about.


3. Then let that thought and open your mind to a vision of the correct, good, beautiful, inspiring, fulfilling path for you to follow for success.


Work on team building with God. Instead of resisting what is happening and doubting the power in charge, trust that the power in charge is on your side. We can call this the highest form of team building wisdom.

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