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Kabbalah's Key To Problem-Solving
Part 1     




 Kabbalah is an ancient mystical teaching that centers on a systematic view of the universe called The Tree of Life.  This "Tree" consists of ten categories of power that direct creation.  According to Kabbalah, God accessed these powers in the design and creation of the universe, and passed these powers onto human beings to carry out the continuation of the vast creative project that is the universe.  This means that you and I have within us the capacity to access these divine creative powers to direct our own destiny.


Following is a description of how to employ each of these powers to direct your destiny from any problem that you now face, into the solution that you want to be. 


1.Crown: The crown is the symbol of the power of cause, a symbol of the power that comes down from above enabling a king or queen to rule.  Your power to cause what will be is your power of intention.  To cause the solution, begin by intending to do so. If you now struggle with debt, your intention might be to transform the amount of debt you have into savings, or to earn a regular income that enables you to easily work your way out of debt.  If your problem is that you feel grief over a lost relationship, your intention may be to get through this loss with a positive attitude that keeps you open to learning and growing from this experience, and prepares you to receive an even more fulfilling relationship experience.  If your problem is that your child refuses to perform in some area of life as you wish, your intention might be to recieve the wisdom of how best to deal with this situation.  Whatever your problem, conceive of the outcome you desire and make it your intention to achieve that.


2.Wisdom: You have the guidance of wisdom accessible to you at all times.  You need only avail yourself of it to follow its guidance.  Every experience teaches you how to live. Simply open your mind to the lessons you have learned about life that you can apply to the present problem.  If you tell yourself that you have no idea as to what to do, you block your wisdom.  To open up the flow, simply ask yourself what you can do about this situation to advance from problem to solution.  If you denigrate your wisdom by judging it as inadequate to solve your problem you block it once again.  Trust your best idea for moving forward and take action in line with it.  This will take you into a new lesson, which you can then apply to make further progress.


3.Understanding: You have the capacity to understand what is going on in any situation facing you.  This sheds a light that reveals a way to deal with the situation in line with your intention.  For instance, if you feel frustrated with your child's behavior, calmly consider why he might be behaving that way.  Opening your mind with trust renders you receptive to the illumination that you seek.  No one can give you understanding, because no matter what another tells you, unless you can see how it is true, you receive nothing but words. While the understanding you receive does not present you with total comprehension of every aspect and level of what is going on, it will give you enough to go on.  So take time to calmly consider the cause of your problem and you will soon see at least one cause that you can do something about.


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