Kabbalah's Key To Problem-Solving
Part 2     



  4.Mercy: Solving any problem requires some degree of mercy expressed by you.  Mercy represents the quality of leniency, each, gentleness, acceptance, flexibility, trust.  When it comes to problem solving, you need to be easy enough on yourself to remain trusting that the situation can work out, that you can indeed achieve what you intend to achieve.  Don't permit the problem to weigh too heavily upon you.  Relate to your challenge as a game, not as an emergency.  Assume the attitude of play.  If you take your situation too seriously, you block your creativity, operate from fear, and permit your challenge to depress you.  When that happens, you diminish your capacity to overcome the challenge. Mercy gives you the attitude you need to rise above the challenge. When you rise above it, you gain the upper hand, and so handle the situation more effectively.


5.Justice: Avoid being too merciful, though.  Mercy needs to be balanced by justice.  Justice includes the qualities of necessary discipline and sacrifice.  You have to place some sort of restraints upon yourself to overcome your problem.  You have to exercise discipline in order to change what you do.  Your problem is the result of what you have done.  If you continue operating in the same way you continue creating and recreating the same problem.  Discipline involves sacrifice.  You have to give something up to receive something different.  Consider what you have to give up in order to receive the change in your circumstances that you intend.  For instance, if you feel anxious in the face of a possible job-loss, your intention would be to establish yourself in a secure income-generating situation.  What do you need to give up for that to happen?  It may be that you have to accept the loss of your current job, because that job is insecure.  It may be that you have to give up the habitual indulgence in worry about the future, so that you can remain focused on doing all you can to create the future you intend.  It may  be that you have to sacrifice the indulgence of watching so much news in the evening that you program your mind to continue delivering the same troubling information to your subconscious.  Justice represents the price you need to pay for what you want.


6.Beauty: Beauty represents the right balance between mercy and justice.  It represents the power of balanced living. You achieve that point of balance when you live in appreciation of the beauty of this moment, the beauty of creation, the beauty of life as it is right now.  Beauty gives you inspiration.   Some rely so heavy on mercy, trusting that things will work out without them working to their full capacity, that they lose their balance and find it impossible to handle adversity or loss in a balanced, inspired way.  Others rely so heavily on discipline that they feel depressed, oppressed, and angry in the face of opposition. They work so hard that they fail to let things work out well.  All naturally conditions tend toward balance, harmony and beauty. When you work too hard, you actually work against this natural trend.  To achieve the beautiful outcome that you intend, then, carefully measure how much leniency and how much rigor you employ, so that you can maintain your beautiful balance in the face of difficulty and opportunity.


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