The Impossibility Of Your Defeat Through Kabbalah


The Kabbalah Tree of Life gives us a ten-step formula for inevitable triumph in any situation, under any circumstances, whatever the so-called “odds” that seem stacked against you.


There really are no “odds” against you, despite what statisticians may argue. There is only One Power in the universe. The ten attributes of this Power are described by the Kabbalah Tree of Life. We don’t have to concern ourselves with aligning with this Power, because there is nothing to align. The One Power is aligned with Itself, by definition.


But we can find peace and harmony, or strife and conflict, in our experience of that Power. We can recognize which path of experience we are on through our feelings. On the Tree of Life, “feelings” are associated with the seventh sphere, named Victory. Your feelings guide you to victory, not your thoughts.


The first sphere on the Tree is named Crown, and it stands for Divine Will. This Will is always in charge, always Willing you to win. We connect with that Will through the surrender of our personal will. When you let yourself feel the sense of surrender to whatever is going to be you allow yourself to experience harmony, and free yourself from strife.


The second sphere on the Tree is named Wisdom. You are always being guided by the Perfect Wisdom of the Divine, so there is never anything to worry about. We allow ourselves to experience harmony with this Wisdom when we stop trying to figure out what we need to do, how to make things work out. You are always perfectly guided, always following the path, to the perfect outcome.


The third sphere is named Understanding. It represents the fact that while you cannot conceive of what is going on, why it is happening, and exactly what the perfect plan for you is, that level of Understanding does actually exist within you. We enter into strife with this great attribute of the One Power when we insist on conceiving accurately, on drawing complete conclusions, on knowing what is going on. To release yourself from the experience of strife, to know the harmony of fulfillment, simply trust your feelings of harmony without insisting on comprehending the answers to the “big questions” in your life.


The fourth sphere is named Mercy. It represents the fact that the universe is both expanding and is actually ruled by grace. You do not have to earn anything; nor do you; nor can you. It is all given. And it is all given more and more abundantly. There is never anything held against you. Overflowing abundance in all areas of your life is always on the increase. Imagine how happy you would feel if you had perfect confidence in this fact.


Sphere number five on the Tree is called Justice, and it represents the limits imposed on all forms of creation. These limits are what we come up against in our endless process of expansion, represented by the fourth sphere. Life in the physical dimension requires gradual change that leads up to quantum leaps, but even the quantum leaps have limits. Human beings typically judge limitations as negative, but the Kabbalah teaches that they are necessary for the existence of creation. Without limits there would be no creation to experience – just endlessness. Each limitation you encounter is merely an opportunity to clarify the trajectory that you desire for your path to greater freedom. Confronting limitation builds up the energy that eventually drives you to break through the limit. One never really experiences harmony with this attribute of the One Power, other than to accept the presence and purpose of the sense of strife that is experienced here.


The sixth sphere on the Tree is named Beauty. It represents the beautiful, harmonious balance that is always at work at the very core or center of what is happening. Because beauty, balance and harmony basically characterize all situations you never really have any need to resist or to attempt to avoid the way things are. Everything is always working out beautifully for you however far from beauty conditions may appear to be at any given time. Allowing things to be is to allow the intrinsic beauty of things to unfold, expand and express in your life.


The seventh sphere is named Victory, and that is essentially what this article on the Kabbalah is about. Victory, triumph, the overcoming of limitation is always happening in your life. Defeat is an illusion. Failure is an illusion. If you let go of your ideas of defeat and failure, and stop believing in their reality, you discover they really have no reality. Your life is in a constant state of never-ending expansion into greater joy, abundance, fulfillment, love, and awareness. Another way of saying this is that life is always victorious in the sense of expanding your experience of Perfection. When you drop all ideas that report the contrary you allow yourself to experience the expanding feeling of joyful wellbeing that is really what your life is all about.


The eighth sphere is named Honor, or Glory. It represents the conscious awakening to the Perfection of the universe, of existence, of creation, of experience, of the present of the Divine. When you see life in the light of reality, Perfection is what you appreciate, and that fills you with a sense of profound humility and gratitude for just how wonderful life really is. When we hold onto mental stories about how hard or dismal life was, is or can be we effectively shield ourselves from the profound light of Perfection that emanates from this sacred attribute of the One Power.


The ninth sphere is named Foundation. It represents the fundamental basis of reality, which is GOOD, which is GOD. Nothing can ever go wrong. You are forever supported by the loving nature of the One Power that upholds your existence. You can always rely upon life, upon truth, upon the flow of the universe, upon the Divine. Trusting and counting on the way things go is always a sure bet. Everything is changing for the better. It cannot help but do so. You see, in essence, or fundamentally, you are that One Power and thus you will never let your self down.


Sphere ten is named Kingdom and it represents the Perfect Outcome. However conditions appear to be as you view them through your five senses, they are a reflection of the Perfection that is really all that is. Your current circumstances are leading you to all that you want. They really are all that you want, if you would just drop the perspectives that rob you of this holy experience.  


Give up your resistance to what is and drop all negative imaginings about things and you loss all fear in your heart. Nothing that happens is less than for your good. Everyone in your life is incapable of truly harming you. Everyone is only blessing you through their expression of the love that flows through the One Power that appears to manifest as separate powers. It appears that the wind has one power, that a person’s anger has another power, that a dog’s emanation of pure peace as he sleeps at your feet expresses another power. But there is really only One Power expressing through all of these many forms, and that One Power is Perfectly for you because it is you.  


All the Power in the universe resides within you and you are always directing it with Perfect Will, Wisdom and Love, without having to make any particular effort to do so. In fact, when you do make effort you are giving yourself the experience of strife, because you are acting as if there is more than one power: the power that you are contending against and the power with which you are contending.


As you meditate on these meanings of the spheres of the Tree of Life you will be drawing nearer to the realization of the impossibility of your defeat through Kabbalah.


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