Succeed On All Levels Through Kabbalah

Bob Lancer


 Kabbalah teaches that we live in four worlds corresponding to our of four spiritual levels of being. To feel whole, balanced and complete, we need to awaken to all four levels and fulfill our purpose, or succeed, on all four levels. 


The lowest level is called Assiah. It represents the physical plane of our existence. Our job here is to take good care of our physical body, to make the income we desire, to achieve the professional position toward which we aspire, to attain our material goals. It seems that many human beings identify this level as the only reality, presuming that if they could only make enough money they would feel totally fulfilled.


Eventually one discovers that we can never make enough money, own enough "things", or land the right job to satisfy our every desire.  One experiences defeat and disappointment again and again, until he either gives up and resigns himself to a miserable, miserly existence, or seeks deeper fulfillment within.  That inner quest eventually leads us to the world above the physical, the psychological. Kabbalah refers to this world as Yetzirah, which means formation.  Here is where thoughts and emotions are recognized.


At this level, we pursue the sense of satisfaction, self-respect and personal fulfillment directly. Those awakened on this level have awakened to the fact that success, like failure, is really just a perspective, a way of interpreting what is going on. To pursue success at this level is to pursue mastery of one's thoughts and emotions, until one can discard feelings of failure and meaninglessness without needing to achieve a physical result to make that happen. Those functioning on the psychological level want to feel motivated, they want to enjoy what they are doing, they want to feel self-respect.


Though experience on this level one awakens to a deeper level. Kabbalah refers to it as Briah, which means Creation. We feel, at this level, the creative urge, the urge to create.  We want to create ourslves in our own higher image of ourselves and to create the world according to the inspired image of it that we form in our mind.  We want to experience the deepest sense of inspiration possible, to express ourselves fully and freely, to fully harness the power of our imagination.

Can you imagine how trapped one feels who has awakened to the creative dimension but works at a job that demands strict conformity? No matter how much money that individual makes, no matter how much he tries to psyche himself up, he eventually slides into deep depression.  A creative individual must create, or die.


Above the creative level is the level of originality, which Kabbalah refers to as Atziluth. Those who function here strive not only to create, but to create their own original forms of expression. They have gone deeper than the creative urge and connected with their true selves, and they need to express that self or suffer a sense of the loss of it. They are not in business solely to make money, but to express their own unique "voice" in doing so. Those who create with originality are the masters of their field. They follow their sense of true calling.


All human beings exist of all four levels. No one can be satisfied in life succeeding on less than all four levels. 


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