Kabbalah Parenting Power

Part 4    

Sphere 6 on the Tree really gives us the central key to Kabbalah Parenting Power – which is really “how to raise our kids the way that God raises us.” 


Sphere 6 is the central point on the Tree.  It is the only Sphere that connects directly to every other Sphere (with the exclusion of Sphere 10, which we will shortly explain).  Sphere 6 represents the balanced, harmonious point of peace and poise that preserves creation’s Perfect Order.


It also represents the state you need to be in to receive the higher guiding influences of the Tree in your parenting.  Remember this principle for child behavior guidance: the better you connect, the better you direct.  To be more explicit, the better you connect with your child, the better time you will have directing your child.  Sphere 6 is all about connection.  It is through this Sphere that the highest levels of the Divine produce and interact  with every aspect of creation.


To parent BEAUTIFULLY is your goal.  You do this when you are consciously attuned to the beauty of your child’s perfect spirit in the present moment, regardless of how your child is behaving.  To bring out your child’s beautiful potential you need to be in touch with it IN YOUR HEART.


When you feel angry, impatient, or disappointed you are overlooking the beauty of the moment, the beauty of your child, the beautiful way to deal with what is happening.  So in order to apply the power of the Tree of Life in your parenting, maintaining your centered, balanced state of harmonious peace and poise is absolutely crucial.


Make it your first priority to improve your reactions to your child’s actions, until you can remain calm, confident and compassion however your child behaves.  In your state of inner harmony you can access the higher guiding influences of Divine Will, Wisdom, Understanding, Mercy and Justice and follow that perfect guidance in the raising of your child.


Sphere 7 on the Tree of Life represents the fact that VICTORY is really all that ever happens.  Nothing but progress into the fulfillment of the Perfect Divine Vision for us happens.  If you train yourself to look for how things are better than ever, you will see that.  It is only the untrained mind that focuses on concepts and inner visions of how wrong things can be.


Sphere 7 is telling you that in a sense your child is always getting it right, that you really have nothing to worry about, because success is all that really ever happens.  As you learn to live with confident trust in this, you will stop reacting with so much fear to your child’s behavior.


If your child is doing poorly in school, for instance, it’s easy to see how she’s “failing”.  But if you look for the ways that she is succeeding you will find it.  The important thing is that you align your responses with true victory instead of with false defeat.


Failure and defeat are illusions.  They are concepts.  They are ways of mentally interpreting what happens.  The real nature of what occurs is a victory for the soul moving ever nearer to Divine Fulfillment.  


To align your parenting with your child’s victory, you have to begin with Beauty.  Your establishment of yourself in the beautiful condition of emotional balance is already a great victory.  From there, conceive of your goals for your child.  Think about how you need to relate with your child right here and now to support your child’s total victory in life. 


As you parent with trust and confidence and abandon old fear-based reaction patterns you will experience more victory in your parenting, and your child will experience more victory in life.





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