Kabbalah's Key
To Your Open Door
(Part 1)

Bob Lancer


It might seem strange to say that you need a key for an open door, but you do, because there is an open door for you through which you can progress without resistance along the path of your true destiny, but it remains locked out of your awareness until you find the key.


The fundamental key is to become internally focused.  Depend upon no other person to save you from your plight of desperation, to carry you into the destiny of your heart's desire.  Following your own true will that emanates from the innermost core of your being leads you into the fulfillment of your life's purpose and the satisfaction of your deepest craving. It speaks to you, it calls to you, in the language of feeling.


Look within to get in touch with your feelings, with all of your feelings.  As you directly observe your experiences of emotion, desire, attitude, like or dislike, a subtle sense of intuitive feel-knowing begins to dawn. Gradually this awakens deeper and deeper levels of awareness, leading to your own true will's subtle, silent prodding. This process requires courageously and perseveringly facing, accepting, and consciously experiencing even the most painful feelings of emotional suffering and joy.


Numbing yourself to your feelings may have begun in your early childhood, when you felt more than you knew how to handle.  Homes in which much acerbic strife and tension prevail, emotional outbursts routinely frighten the child, chaos is the norm, physical or emotional abuse rule, or adults establish the rule, spoken or unspoken: "Thou shall not say anything that would in any way upset me," turn children away from their feelings, and that pattern of repressed de-tunement may grow so deep rooted as to last a lifetime.


Kabbalah's Tree of Life diagram offers a diagramatic key to help you to unlock the secret of your feelings and find the open door to your true destiny.  It represents the essential spiritual structure shared by Absolute Infinite Power, or God, and human beings. The top sphere, numbered 1, stands for Divine Will, the Absolute Determinative Force that operates at the innermost center of existence as the cause of all creation.  


As a human being, you have an intrinsic connection with that Will, as it also expresses your own true, ultimate will for self-expression.  As you focus on the process of awakening to, and relying upon, your soul's true urge, your self's true will, for your life-guidance, you take hold of the key that opens the door to real success and fulfillment. 


If you are tired of coming up against resistance, of counting on others or situations and ending up disappointed yet again, if you want to understand why hard work, visualization and even prayer seem not to work at times (and what a blessing that is!), start out by looking within. Look at your feelings all the time. Gradually you will feel more tuned in to yourself, to other people, to environments and that will lead you to make choices based on your feelings, not just superficial feelings of like or dislike, but a deeper sense of harmony or accord with your own true being.


You might begin by gazing at the Tree of Life diagram for just a few moments, focusing on the top sphere, with your heart and mind open, attuned and receptive to the feeling-guidance emanating from the innermost core of your being, your own true will or calling that sphere represents.


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