The Kabbalah Key To Your Divine Life



When I look at the Kabbalah Tree of Life Diagram, it looks like a keyhole.  I think of it as a keyhole to the infinite that opens the lock to the Divine.  And what is the key that fits into the hole that opens the lock?  It’s you!  It’s you when you refine your consciousness to match the structure of the keyhole.  Then you fit into the lock, and with a slight turn, click it open and enter the infinite.


We structure our consciousness to become the key that opens the infinite through surrender to the structure of God, which the Kabbalah Tree of Life portrays.  The process involves what Vitvan talks about when he describes the process of clearing out our identification with our private world values.  As we do that clearing we identify with the one value of the cosmic process, which is the birth and full development of the individualized expression of God in the material world, symbolized so lucidly by the Gospels.


What follows is a practice and an understanding for advancing our consciousness into the shape of the key that unlocks the door to the infinite, using the Kabbalah Tree of Life as our Guide.


The first Sphere on the Tree represents Divine Will.  Our purpose is to be entirely receptive to and cooperative with this Will only.  In order to achieve this we must become clearly conscious of our motivations, not in an intellectual, analytical way, but through direct observation in the present moment.  As long as our personal, private world values guide and drive us, we are essentially resisting the Will of the Divine that guides us along the path of the fulfillment of our True Purpose.  Recognition of Higher Will requires the practice of meditation on a continual basis, defining meditation as the act of looking within, consciously observing our inner life, paying attention to our thoughts and feelings.  In addition to continual meditation, we need to practice concentrated meditation in separate periods devoted exclusively to that practice.  These can last anywhere from 2 minutes 5 times a day, to hours in one sitting. When you begin this practice you will feel internally guided to the right amount of time for you. Meditation is absolutely necessary to develop the internal discernment that reveals the Will of God.  Anyone who wants to do anything else but awaken to, cooperate with, and fully identify with this Will is not yet ready for this experience.


There is a basic, fundamental misunderstanding of religion and the spiritual path that warrants noting at this point.  Anyone who makes any effort to be spiritual, to resist earthly or worldly urges, is actually resisting the process of spiritual advancement.  Explore your natural urges.  Go through your life consciously, paying attention to your experience.  The only effort required is to pay attention.  Paying deliberate attention to your experience more quickly reveals the futility of following natural and personal desires and urges, and this realization causes them to fade away.  It is only when we experience the ultimate state of profound disappointment, failure and despair in pursuit of satisfying our personal desires that we truly outgrow personal, private world values.  It is at this point that the only real desire we have left is to for our personal will to be completely dissolved into Diving Will.  When this is all you want you are ready to receive that Will in your conscious awareness.


The second Sphere on the Tree represents Divine Wisdom.  Divine Wisdom has nothing to do with your private world values.  As long as you are trying to figure out how to get what you want at the level of worldly interests and attractions you are operating from personal wisdom, which always guides you down dead ends.  When you release or surrender all of your attachments to this world of physical sense and personal aggrandizement you can receive the Divine Wisdom revealing your True Way in the now.  Pay close attention to the activities of your mind.  Notice when you are relying on your personal mind to figure things out, strategize and find your way to earthly success.  When you see that happening you can let this effort go (if you are spiritually matured or ripened enough to let it go).  The Divine Wisdom that guides you pertains to the Cosmic Process and your fulfillment of your place and purpose within it.  Think of the Wisdom that guides God and surrender the use of your mind to that.


The 3rd Sphere on the Tree represents Divine Understanding.  This is Divine Comprehension of what the ancient Greeks called Logos.  Think about what God thinks about in the creation of the universe.  As long as your mind is occupied with intellectual analysis of personal conditions, like what your neighbor is doing to his yard, how to help your child in school, why your manager at work is suppressing your originality, the ways that your spouse doesn’t get you, etc., your consciousness in caught up in the quagmire of your private world, personal values, blocking the light of the Mind of the Divine in your consciousness.  Albert Einstein famously stated, “I want to think God’s thoughts” and he obviously attained that, at least in flashes, in his breakthrough mathematical realization that matter is energy.  In this Mind is perception of the Divine Plan.  If you are thinking about last Sunday’s football game, for instance, and you have any emotion associated with that thought, you are not yet ready for the birth of Divine Understanding in your consciousness.  There is no moral judgment here.  Would you criticize a seed for not yet being able to yield you fruit?  Would you criticize the baby at the crawling stage of development for not running and jumping?  No.  The activities of your present stage prepare you for your next stage.  As a human being you have to go through all of your attractions to the prodigal paths to finally realize that they are indeed prodigal relative to what you really want, what you are really after, which conscious union with the Divine Mind.  When all you want to do with your mind is dwell in contemplation upon the Divine, you are ready to receive that Mind.  If you try to deny yourself of the pleasures you desire from, say, thinking about what you want to do with your partner on Saturday night, you are actually resisting the Divine Gestation Process.  Explore your urges consciously and you will wake up to the realization of their undependability.


The 4th Sphere on the Kabbalah Tree of Life represents Divine Loving Kindness.  This is a constant energy streaming into our existence.  In other words, pure, perfect Divine Love never stops.  However, you stop yourself from being aware of it, from allowing it to manifest through you, to manifest as you, by closing your heart to love.  You do this when you drift into habitual, busy thinking, particularly when your thoughts stir up feelings of fear, anger or sadness in you.  When you judge yourself or another as unworthy of love you block this energy by being absorbed in the false and personal values of your private world.  There is actually a very simple key for giving birth to God’s Loving attribute.  It is simply to practice feeling the energy of love for yourself, unconditionally.  To do this, simply feel the feeling of love flowing into you.  Do not feel love for an idea of yourself.  Don’t try to bolster positive feelings about yourself by thinking about how wonderful you look, how much you give to charity, how hard you work.  To be more specific, don’t direct love toward your mental image of how you demonstrate good personhood.  Simply feel the energy of your love flowing into your presence, into your feeling of being you, your feeling of being.  When you feel love for yourself you are feeling love for God, because God is omnipresent.  You are feeling God’s Love, because all love is God.  You are feeling love for your neighbor and even for your so-called enemies, because in truth we are all one.  Rising above your personal likes and dislikes, your desires for particular personal attributes, your appreciation and admiration of this or that about this or that person, to simply practice feeling your love for you, manifests Divine Love through you into the universe; gives birth to Divinity’s Loving Nature in the physical world.  As long as you feel identified with your personal likes and dislikes, your personal aversions and resentments and desires for this or that person or personal quality, it is worse than futile to try living in the unconditional Love of the Divine.  You have to live in the psychic cesspool for a little while longer, or maybe for a long while, until you really experience the utter emptiness of that.  Only when you feel utterly hopeless about the human race, when you lose all interest, trust and faith in human beings as human beings, no matter how good they look or how much money they have, - only when you are burned out on hating and fearing those who do harm - so that you really don’t care what anyone does, so that no human quality disturbs you, impresses you, or attracts you in the least – because you have lost all interest in preserving, defending, displaying or pleasing your own personhood - only then are you ready to seek, realize and give birth to Divine Love for all.


Sphere 5 on the Tree represents Divine Justice.  Divine Justice never errs, never makes a mistake, never oversteps an appropriate boundary, always maintains what we can call the Geometric Perfection of the universe with unbreakable, unbendable law.  Every human being intrinsically desires to express this as pure excellence, and to experience it in consciousness.  It is when your longing for this reaches its absolute zenith that you are ready to give birth to it.  For me, the teacher who came closest to expressing this quality of consciousness was Isidore Friedman.  All of his writings, particular his Songs of the Starlords poetry, not to mention his sheer presence exude the energy of the pure mathematics of perfection, the geometry and algebra of Divine Mind.  This is a very high, fine vibratory frequency of consciousness that reading such masters as Plato can prepare us for.  When listening to the teachings of the Old and New Testament with a deep, inner ear of the heart we can feel the absolute purity of this vibration of truth.  Seeking the purity of knowing clearly, truly, in the now is a practice that can lead us to this purity of perceptivity. However, as Izzy repeated endlessly, as long as our mind is buzzing with words and thoughts, as long as we are emotionally reacting to words, lost in emotion, consumed by desire and unconscious, automatic daily living, this level of consciousness remains obfuscated.  The dedication to living consciously, to uncovering the presumptive nature of our beliefs and opinions, to recognizing the illusory basis of all of our personal, private world values, emotional reactions and desires sets us on the path to higher awakening.  One “short-cut” to this awakening is to look for how whatever is happening is right and just, even when the logical mind can demonstrate all sorts of proofs to demonstrate its wrongness and injustice.  When you feel the awakening within of your desire for absolute purity of perceptive cognition, of knowing with clear, clean, absolute precision of the heart, you are experiencing your intrinsic hunger for this cosmic light that will guide you, at a feeling level, along the path of what the Bible refers to as the path of righteousness, and Isidore referred to as “right-useness” of your energy.  To facilitate our awakening and thus manifesting or giving birth to this Divine Frequency in daily living, some of the things that Isidore, the master of connecting our consciousness to this frequency, recommended are the following:

•A deep and penetrating study of Alfred Korzybski’s General Semantics

•A study of the works of Vitvan (particularly his teachings on rapport)

•Developing at least basic skills of playing a musical instrument

•A fundamental grasp of the basic principles of electronics and physics

•The practice Mindful meditation, also called Bare Attention

•Applying a sense of natural, relaxed rhythm to our daily living

•Going through a process of cleansing our old emotional reaction patterns (what Isidore referred to as our PPP’s – Pressure Points Of The Past)

•Deliberately practicing speaking less, speaking more slowly, speaking withj more clarity and focus, and speaking without emotional intensity in daily living


Sphere 6 on the Tree represents the actual Divine Being at its present stage of its gestation process in you.  In other words, you already are the manifestation of Divinity at a particular stage of development.  To the extent that you relate to your urge to feel and to be totally at one with the Divine as your primary motivation, desire and intention, you are directly nurturing the "Divine Seedling” into fruition.  In Christian teachings we find the Christ, the God-Baby, born in the manger where, as Vitvan points out, we feed the animals.  This symbolizes the stage of the Divine Manifestation process when you are still inclined to relate to earthly or worldly desires as true, valid, genuine relative to your true self.  These urges and desires are the “animals” that you are feeding with your sacred life-force as long as you allow them to enslave you.  As has been pointed out repeatedly here, we cannot liberate ourselves by suppressing these urges, not even by praying to God to get rid of them.  We need to act them out until we experience the utter futility of doing so.  Then, when we are good and disgusted with them, the way you might finally feel disgusted with a so-called “friend” who consistently lies to you, uses you, takes advantage of your trust, until you have no more hope or even interest in relying on him again, you naturally stop giving those urges your life.  You are now fully “ripe” to discover that the fulfillment you have been seeking all along is the fulfillment of Divine Union in your consciousness.  To the extent that you experience this deep down within, you feel the absolute peace, harmony, beauty, wholeness you were looking for.  To some degree, right now, right here where you are, you feel an urge to really know God; not as an idea or as a belief, but in pure, true, absolute reality.  If you look within you will find your spiritual-sensory registry of this urge, and you will feel it guiding you.  It may lead you to a book, to a teacher, to a nap.  It may tell you to not go out with your friends on a Saturday night because you need to go deep within to connect with your essential nature in meditation to feel truly good.  As you look for and follow this urge for Divine Union you are doing what is represented in the Gospels by the wise men following a star in the night, looking for the baby Jesus.  When they find him they give him their gifts.  This symbolizes you turning over your gifts and talents to Divine use, rather than for personal use.  For example, you might be a musician who has been seeking fame and fortune through the use of your musical gifts.  At the stage of development represented by the wise men, you now turn your musical gifts over to a higher purpose, to your sense of gaining spiritual meaning from your work.


Sphere 7 on the Tree represents the Victory of the Divine Life, which is the fulfillment of the Divine purpose of your life.  That purpose is fulfilled as you give your life to the Divine.  You do this by surrendering your personal aims and objectives to a higher guiding influence.  You don’t have to know God as a direct, conscious experience to do this.  You simply have to surrender your personal aims and objectives with a feeling of openness and an invitation to God, the deepest and highest point in your consciousness, to enter.  To put this attitude in words, you might say, “Thy Will be done.”  Whatever your personal goals, desires and ambitions might be, they have absolutely nothing to do with your real purpose in life.  Everything and everyone you want for yourself, for you personal pleasure and protection, represent detours along your true path in life.  The only victories you really want are the ones that God has ordained for you.  As you give your life to the Divine, you give birth to the Divine in the physical world, you manifest God by degrees.  When seen from this perspective, all of your personal failures are really spiritual successes, because they bring you nearer to the realization that the pursuit of personal aims and objects leads you nowhere.  Your life is not really about you.  And it is not about those you feel a personal love for.  Like Abraham who followed God’s Will when he was told to take his precious son to the altar as a sacrifice, we need to be absolutely cleansed and clear of all personal values to clearly know and follow our Divine Directive.  Just as God sent an angel to stop Abraham from harming his child, so will God send angels to stop you from doing any real harm to anyone or anything, for God is Love.  However, you do need to be free of all personal, private world attachments to achieve your Divine Objective, your Divine Victory, giving God your life to live.


Sphere 8 represents the glory of the Divine, which it is demonstrated as we permit, invite, accept God as our True Self in life.  Bringing God to the world is the purpose of every human being, and learning how to do this is the great mystery that is revealed in deep states of meditation. The glory ("glow-ray", as Isidore would say) of God is the demonstration of God in the world.  We begin allowing this to happen through us as we open ourselves to the inner experience of the sense of the Divine Presence.  Combined with this is our open receptivity and willingness to surrender our personal values, interests and ego-gratifications in true humility.   The beginner on the path asks, “How can I tell if it is God that I am receiving?" The elder, in terms of conscious experience along the way, quietly replies, “Because you take no credit for any good you might do, or want to do.”  The average person believes that it is arrogant to believe that one can actually be a channel through which the Divine flows into the world, but this just demonstrates the ignorance of the general state of human consciousness, which Vitvan refers to as the race-psyche.  The truth is that every human being is quintessentially endowed, not only with the capacity to give the Divine expression in the world, but with the ultimate longing to do so.  There is a seeming contradiction here.  On the one hand we channel the Divine into physical birth through utter humility.  At the same time, though, we accept our quintessential capacity for doing so, which can seem like a display of personal haughtiness.  The solution is in the admonition, “Take no credit.”  When your motive is pure – that is, seeking to give birth to the Divine through your life for no sense of personal aggrandizement – you are giving your personal will to the Will of the Divine.


Sphere 9 represents the eternal foundation of Divine Support provided to those devoted to the fulfillment of the cosmic purpose, the birth or manifestation of the Divine through his or her life on earth.  No one really has any reason to be concerned about supply in any area of life, including finances, health, companionship, harmonious living and working quarters, opportunities for meaningful employment, etc. This is always taken care of, because we are all really in the process of doing God’s Work, at one stage or level or another.  There is no veering off the coarse of serving the universe’s purpose.  We may veer off of a more direct path, but our meandering serves the purpose of leading us into experiences that send us back to that “straight and narrow way.”  Worrying about supply is something we have to go through, though, until we finally awaken to the all-sufficiency of support ever-present. No matter what you do, you will always receive all you need, because you are always and irrevocably in the process of manifesting the Divine at a certain stage or level.  There actually is no advantage to being further along in this process.  Your needs are perfectly met right where you are.  Whether something of value or significance seems to be happening or nothing seems to be happening at all, you are going through exactly what you need to grow through – for the Divine Being that you truly are to grow into more complete demonstration in the world.  For those who are conscious of the deep urge to surrender their lives to the Divine this urge provides a special sense of fulfillment and joy as the pure, spiritual harmony of experience.  But those who have not yet awakened to this urge don’t miss it, at least not in their consciousness.  They do not feel the longing to give their life to the fulfillment of God’s Will. They know only that they want what they want for themselves.  Eventually, though, they will find selfish living less and less gratifying, and this feeling of inner emptiness readies them for the quickening of spirit that comes with hunger for the Divine Experience. Everyone receives what they need, physically and spiritually, according to their present stage of development.


The 10th and final Sphere on the Tree represents the actual physical manifestation of God on earth, what Jesus the Christ represents, what the Buddha represents, and what other lesser known and unknown masters that have walked the earth, do walk the earth and will walk the earth represent. At the ultimate level this sphere represents the Divinization of all physical life, for this is the real Divine Birth process at work in your life and in mine.  The Divine Birth process is bigger than any one individual life.  As each one of us awakens to consciously cooperate with the Divine Birth process we contribute to the whole of the physical universe fulfilling the Divine physical potential.  As long as you hunger and quest for worldly conditions for the sake of personal gratification you are at a relatively early stage in the Divine gestation process.  You will have to go through more failure to attain what you desire, and more disappointment after you attain what you desire, to recognize the fallacy of the private world personal value system.  These personal values are symbolized by the serpent in the Garden of Eden, tempting Eve to seek gratification beyond what Paradise offers.  We all take a bite of that apple in order to discover more clearly that the paradise of adhering to the inner guidance of the Divine is the only true and perfect source of our fulfillment.  If you are not yet ready to surrender your personal values, your likes and dislikes, your worship of your ego-gratification, do not attempt to renounce the world.  “Resist not evil.”  You have to go through the experience, like the Biblical Prodigal Son, of coming up empty again and again and again until you burn out your worldly desire.  At that point you have arrived at what Bob Dylan describes as “Desolation Row”.  Living in the world has lost all meaning for you.  This is a dangerous point.  You find yourself in the abyss of personal darkness.  It seems that God has forsaken you and you are fully ready to forsake the world and leave incarnation.  You have lost too much to want anymore.  While no one wants to experience this, and we run from it as long as we can, it does herald the momentous occasion of your ripeness and readiness to awaken to your True Purpose, surrendering the life you no longer have any personal use for, to the Divine.

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