Kabbalah Secret Key
To Your Greater Success

Bob Lancer


There are ten keys that will open the door to greater success for you, and they are guaranteed to work, if you use them.


They will not protect you from adversity, because we need to pass through hard times to develop our compassion, strengths and skills.  But they will empower you to make it through whatever form of suffering or difficulty happens to you.


The first is the key is to access the power of your deepest intention. To access this power, look deep inside of yourself to discover what you most deeply desire to accomplish.  When you know what that is, decide to go for it.  When you turn a desire into a decision, you access the power of intention to direct your destiny.


Your second key is wisdom. As soon as you consciously intend to accomplish a goal, the wisdom you need to guide you becomes available. Remain open and alert to recognize the sense of inner guidance leading you to your next step. If you have no clue as to how to proceed, regard that as wisdom's guiding you to remain open knowing what to do. We block wisdom's guidance by holding onto the belief that we do not know what to do.  Presume that whatever you do is guided by the wisdom to fulfill your intention.


 Your third key is understanding. When you take action to achieve your goal, be on the lookout to recognize the lessons that arrive. Life educates you by the reactions to your actions. Your understanding will reveal what works and what does not work, permitting you to sharpen your wisdom.


Your fourth key is kindness. Don't be too hard on yourself or others. Compassion allows you to receive all the good that you desire.


Your fifth key is discipline. While enthusiasm fuels your early efforts, to remain as focused on and committed to achieving your goals as necessary, discipline is required. Discipline sets necessary limits.


Your sixth key is beauty. Beauty is an energy you can feel in your heart. Don't take paths of ugliness, fueled by anger and impatience. Your heart is nurtured by beauty. Beauty uplifts you with the power of inspiration.


Your seventh key is victory. Focus on winning, not on losing.  Look for your opportunity wherever you are and you will find it. Focus on what you can do to achieve what you want, rather than on the negative possibilities.

Your eighth key is honor. Strictly adhere to your sense of integrity. Pursue excellence for the sake of excellence. Adopt an attitude of humility and treat yourself and others with the utmost respect.  


Your ninth key is perseverance.  This is the foundation of all great accomplishment. Be steadfast. Use adversity as an opportunity to develop the strength of your resolve. Don't worry about how long it takes to achieve your goal. As long as you still want it, keep on going and growing for it.


And your tenth key is receptivity. Be very discriminating as to the messages that you accept. Remain open to the inner guidance of love and wisdom. Don't be too proud to accept help.


As you use these ten keys to greater success, though life must challenge you to the hilt at times, you will make it through all challenges and accomplish what you intend.  


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