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Kabbalah's Key To Problem-Solving
Part 4     




10.Kingdom: Your kingdom is your power to be in charge of what you do. 


It represents your freedom of choice.  You can work for what you intend or you can give up and live in fear. 


You can pursue dishonorable paths or honorable paths.  You can live in balance or imbalance. 


You can open your mind to wisdom and understanding or close it.  The choice is yours. 


You don't need methods or techniques to solve any problem.  You need only to make the choice to solve it and to function in line with what you intend to accomplish.  The basic choice that gives you control is the choice to be aware. 


Choose to be aware in this moment of what you are up to.  Pay attention in the present moment to keep yourself on track. 


Choose to use your powers of intention, wisdom, understanding, mercy, justice, beauty, victory, honor and foundation to manifest the solution of your problem.


By consistently employing these ten powers in your life, doing so becomes more and more automatic. 


Instead of reacting fearfully against what you do not want, you act consistently for what you do want. 


You gradually liberate yourself from unconscious, negative choice-making and transform into a more positive creative being... and that is your ultimate solution.

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