Life's Deliverance Through Kabbalah  Part 2




Sphere 1: This sphere is named Crown.  It represents the absolute power of Divine Will, which also allows you to have some freedom of will.  Your awakening here is the highest or deepest level of awakening, for here you become one with the absolute power that determines events, and willingly surrender your freedom of will to totally align with what is and is to be. You experience the most magnificent freedom here: the freedom to totally accept the Will of God, the current of reality, as nothing to oppose, but rather to utterly embrace.


Sphere 2: The name of this sphere is Wisdom.  It represents the level of awakening revealing that wisdom presently perfectly guides you and your life.


Sphere 3: This sphere's name is Understanding.  It represents the realization that every experience you have offers you the opportunity to awaken into deeper understanding of how reality works for you, and how you can more completely cooperate with that process, which we can call Divine Love.


Sphere 4: This sphere's name is Mercy.  It represents the attribute of divine kindness, generosity and grace characterizing reality.  Your awakening here reveals that the universe is always and can always do nothing but treat you to total, perfect kindness, compassion, freedom, abundance and generosity.


Sphere 5: The name of this sphere is Severity.  It represents the element of existence that imposes restraint or limitation for the sake of form.  The human experience of this quality often involves some pain; sometimes excruciating pain.  Without this element the soul would have no universe of form to pass through and grow through.  Going through form offers the soul the opportunity to accelerate its journey of enlightenment into divine union. This describes the purpose of your life in manifestation or, Kabbalistically, your existence in the Kingdom (Sphere 10 on the Kabbalah Tree of Life).  Your awakening at the level represented by Sphere 5 reveals that you only pass through the losses and constraints necessary for your progressive liberation into ultimate fulfillment, so even these experiences are nothing to fear, but rather something to welcome and even to invite and feel grateful for.


Sphere 6: Named Beauty, this sphere points to the fact that your life is always leading you into higher levels of total, absolute beauty


Sphere 7: This sphere's name is Victory. It represents the realization that all that ever happens leads you into higher levels of ultimate victory


Sphere 8: This sphere is named Honor, also Glory.  This is the first stage of higher awakening that occurs within that stage represented by sphere 9.  From this point forward (or upward) awakening takes you into the specific qualities or divine attributes of reality composed within the Foundation.  So you realize here that reality, another word for God, is always and only bringing you and leading you to the realization of your divine, sacred, glorious nature or true honor.


Sphere 9: This sphere is named Foundation.  It represents the total, perfect support of divine providence, delivering all that is good for you all of the time. You can actually see this as you let go of the ideas about reality that report any other opinion about what is possible.


Sphere 10: It is called The Kingdom.  It represents the way your life and the universe appears to be. Awakening at this level represents the first stage of spiritual liberation.  It dawns as you see all that appears to be happening as nothing more than the manifestation of your state or level of consciousness.  


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