Kabbalah’s Keys To Living As Your True Self

How To Live In Permanent Victory


According to Kabbalah there is a level of God or Divine Being that is above and beyond creation.  Of this level of Divinity nothing can be said.


From this uppermost level of God comes the God of creation, Who has a definite form.  Called the Macroscopus (Greek for “Greater Countenance”), this level of God is in the form of a human being.  


If we could step back and view the entire universe with enough distance between our point of view and the viewed, w would see that we were made in the very same image as God’s.  We are therefore called Microscopus (Greek for “Lesser Countenance”).


One of the secret ways that Kabbalah teaches we can draw closer in our consciousness to the Divine Being that is our True Source and True Home is to think of ourselves as made in the image of that Being.  Think of God containing all of the universe and of the universe being in the form of a human being.  To make the experience even more tangible, think of your particular image as an exact replica of that unfathomably large Divine Image.


Kabbalah teaches that we draw near to that which we are like.  Thinking of your image like God’s can help you to feel a closer connection with your own Divine Nature.


“Hear, Oh Israel”


Seeing the whole universe as one (the word “universe” means “the harmony of oneness”) is a key to understanding one of the most important secrets contained within one of the most important of the Jewish prayers, if not the most important prayer.  That prayer is called “The Sh’ma”.   The word “Sh’ma” is Hebrew for “Hear” or “Listen”.


The first part of this prayer consists of the following: “Hear Oh Israel, God is your Lord, and God is One.”  Here is hidden meaning that tells you about your True Self.  Like God, the Macroscopus, your True Self, the Mircroscopus, is One.  When you express multiple selves or a changing self you are expressing false selves.


False selves express fear one moment, frustration the next, disappointment after that, despair after that.  One expresses false confidence; false because one moment it feels confident and then the next it feels insecure about its ability to handle life.  You are expressing your false self when your mood shifts from high to low, eager to reluctant, lustful to disgusted.  Any self that passes is not your True Self, but a false self that you have temporarily and mistakenly identified with.


What Are False Selves?


False selves are lost spirits that float around the spiritual world looking for a host to feed upon.  There are lonely selves, terrified selves, confused selves, greedy selves, selves that feel worthless, inferior, stuck.  In Kabbalah they are referred to as klippot, which means, shells.  They are empty shells in the sense that they are soulless.  They do not possess a True Self.  They are shadow selves.  The one thing they all have in common is that they are transitory, ultimately unsustainable.  


Individuals who spend a lot of time identified with false selves feel exhausted.  They never have time to really take care of themselves.  Even when they do as they believe they please they end up unfulfilled because they are really just pleasing a false self.  


When you feel guilty or vengeful or jealous or defeated a false self has attached itself to you and lives off of your life force as long as you confuse it as who you really are.  None of these selves are permanent.  Often, if you simply take a nap, you will awaken free of that self, at least for a time; though very soon another false self will live through you.  


Your True Self


When you express your True Self you experience true fulfillment, true peace, true harmony, true purpose.  Just BEING your True Self is what life, what BEING, is truly all about.  It is what it’s all FOR.


Understanding the nature of false selves helps us gain liberation from the false lives they make us live.  Just recognizing a false self as a false self and remembering yourself – your True Self – withdraws your power from that false self.  That weakens its influence upon you and gets it to leave you alone.


One of the most powerful things we can do to free and to protect ourselves from falling for the ploy of false selves is to understand what our True Self Is.


As has been stated, your True Self is characterized by a state of oneness, meaning it doesn’t change.  It is what it was and what it will be; it is permanent and eternal.  It is forever free to BE.  


Your True Self is essentially one, but it does have multiple qualities that you share with the Divine One.  These number 10 and they are portrayed on the Kabbalah Tree of Life.


The Ten Attributes Of The Tree Of Life


In addition to the overall quality of Oneness that characterizes both the essence of the Greater and the Lesser Countenance, and that constitutes their essential relationship, which is unity, God and your True Self share 10 specific attributes, powers, or qualities of power that are represented on the diagram known as The Kabbalah Tree Of Life.


The first attribute is Will, referred to on the Tree by the Hebrew name, Kether, which means Crown.  The name signifies the quality of highest authority over creation demonstrated by this attribute.  It is the all-powerful Will that determines itself into existence.  In other words, God’s all-powerful Intention To Be brought God into Being, and deep within you is the All-Powerful Intention for your True Self to BE.  


When you are being intentional you are expressing your True Self.  When you are reacting automatically, you are under the control of a false self.  


To get in touch with your True Self and to live true to your Self is the most satisfaction you can have or want.  Therefore, to will this to be is the highest expression of your will.


Whenever you act deliberately, whenever you decide or intend for something to be, you are being yourself.  Consider what you intend.  You intend what you want.  Relate with your intentions as sharing the quality of authority demonstrated by the absolute Will of the Macroscopus, in who’s image you were formed.  Trust that what you intend to be will be and that you don’t have to do anything to force it.  If you do begin trying to force something you are under the influence of a false self that is secretly insecure about its power.


The second quality of the all-powerful God of creation is Wisdom, called Chockmah in Hebrew.  The Wisdom of God is unfathomably deep and infinitely high.  Your True Self partakes of this same amazing quality.  Those who hunger for wisdom are expressing the urge of their True Self to BE.  The True Self lives on Wisdom the way every physical body needs light to survive and false selves, like fear, longing and rage require your identification with them to survive.


When you feel clueless about what to do, in the dark about how to live, unsure of the way to handle what you are facing, you are identified with a false self that believes in the lack of wisdom.  Your True Self always knows exactly how to function for the good of being.  Just open up to your inner source for all the wisdom you need. 


The third quality of the Divine expressed by your True Self is Understanding, called Binah in Hebrew.  There is nothing beyond the Infinite Understanding of the Great Countenance.  There are no mysteries, no secrets, no hidden reasons for why anything and everything happens.  All that you are, all that you need is perfectly understood by this power of the Divine and everything that happens demonstrates this perfect understanding of your needs.  Your True self shares in this power.  When you feel that you do not understand anything at all you are identifying with a false self.  Your True Self sees into the very heart of everything and everyone, dispelling every mystery.  Human beings rarely open to the inner depths of themselves to receive the deeper, higher insights that they crave.  But as you do this, and trust in the knowing that arises, you express your True Self.


The fourth attribute of the Divine shared by your True Self is called Mercy; Chessed in Hebrew.  Your True Self is always kind, merciful, forgiving, generous and charitable.  Only a false self expresses and justifies cruelty, harshness, vengefulness, hard-heartedness.  Even in the face of what appears to be injustice, your True Self remains free of any urge to attack or to strike back.  Why?  For one thing your True Self is anchored to the realization that the Perfect Understanding of delivers only what you really need, only what is truly good for you.  Kindness characterizes the healthy way of relating with one and all, because it is essentially grounded in fearlessness.  Fearfulness is pretty much the essential nature of every false self.


Your True Self’s fifth attribute is Justice, translated from the Hebrew name Gevurah.  Your True Self is always just, though never vengeful.  Your True Self knows exactly where to draw the line, when to cease lenience, when to stand firmly.  This essentially represents your power to say “No”, to set limits, to withdraw you energy or power.    There is no cruelty here; no malicious intent.  Your True Self has a perfect sense of when “enough is enough” and follows that sense.  When you encounter any limits at all in life, your True response is always free of any resistance or opposition.  Just as the sun shines just as freely on clear days as on cloudy days, so does the True Self express the same peaceful power under any and all circumstances.


Your sixth True Self attribute is Beauty; Tiphareth in Hebrew.  It represents the ever present harmony that characterizes the state of your True Self.  Your inner harmony is never disturbed.  When you are not feeling it, you have been taken over by a false self.  It is the nature of every false self to create some kind of disturbance, chaos, conflict, discord both within and without.  Every war, every fighting married couple, every emotionally troubled person is really the product of being possessed by a false self.  Being in touch with and inspired by the internal, natural state of harmony of the True Self is the real cause of every truly beautiful creation produced by any human being.


The seventh attribute of your True Self is called Victory; Netzach in Hebrew.  This expresses the ever-present victorious nature of your True Self.  You are forever undefeated and undefeatable.  Just being True to your Self is the ultimate victory in the now.


The eighth quality of your True Self is Honor; Hod in Hebrew.  It represents the fact that your True Self is always demonstrating honor, naturally following the truly honorable course.  Others may not see the honorability in what you are doing, but your True Self is really incapable of following a dishonorable path.  Whenever you are truly relating with anyone or anything with a show of genuine respect for the sacredness within, you are being True to your Self.  False selves express condescension, denigrating criticalness and condemnation.


The ninth attribute of your True Self is called Foundation; Yesod in Hebrew.  It represents the ever-present foundation of your life that is your True Self.  Your True Self is entirely Self-supporting, and thus never expresses the slightest trace of any insecurity.  You are made of the stuff of forever.  Whenever you worry about your ability to be self-reliant – actually, whenever you worry at all – this element or attribute of your True Self is being obscured by a false self who feels insecure that has temporarily gotten in charge of your consciousness and, so, your energy.


And your tenth and final True Self attribute is Kingdom; Malkuth in Hebrew.  It represents the fact that your True Self really contains the whole world that you are aware of.  It is all inside of you, even though it all appears to be outside.  Nothing exists outside of your state of awareness.  Or, to state it somewhat differently, everything that exists is really nothing but  a state of your awareness.    Your True Self is always aware of the perfect order, beauty, balance and harmony of all that is.  It is only false selves that regard the world as something outside, and suffer conditions of disorder, mayhem, and discord.




My contemplating the distinctions between the True and false selves, and meditating on the qualities of the True Self, we are illuminated by more internal brilliance; by a light so intense that it literally casts out false selves and keeps them from coming back.  To meditate on the qualities of your True Self try to feel them as you read them.  Imagine yourself in the state being described.


As you practice this you will become more clearly familiar with how badly false selves feel, and more quickly recognize when you are falling under the influence of one.  This will arm you with the power to prevent that self from taking further possession of your awareness, your energy, your very identity.


As you practice living more in or as your True Self you will find yourself capable of choosing to not permit life’s seeming ups and downs to rock you one bit.  You will allow yourself to live in the love, light, and peaceful power of BEING who you Truly Are, which is living in life’s One True Victory forever more.



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