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Life's Deliverance Through Kabbalah  Part 3




Your awakening process takes you up the Tree of Life, and through The Tree of Lies.  Another way of referring to the Tree of Lies is "the unconscious".  There is no way to go up, in the sense of enlightenment, without going down.  Going down means awakening to the dark, brooding thoughts and feelings rooted in unconscious identification with mental projection.  You have to see your fear, and what you fear to finally realize that it really is nothing to fear.  As you clear away your fears, the light of loving reality gradually dawns. 


So let us now take a look at the unconscious mindsets, represented by the Tree, that represent the nightmares we need to wake up from.  I have portrayed them as the negative affirmations characterizing each dark attitude.  While these statements may seem extreme, look at your thoughts and feelings when you feel anxious, discouraged or frustrated to see if at some level you are actually expressing these.  Remember that seeing what is happening always takes you above it, nearer to the level of the loving cause behind whatever happens.


Sphere 1. "I have to oppose the way of the universe and pit my will against life to be okay. I need to be in control of everyone and everything.


Sphere 2. "There is no guidance available to me that I can totally trust. The universe and my life are ruled by chaos, chance or stupidity."


Sphere 3. "There is no good reason for what is happening, has happened or can happen."


Sphere 4. "I can be treated unkindly and suffer deprivation and lack."


Sphere 5. "I may have to suffer, sacrifice, lose or do without too much."


Sphere 6. "I can be deprived of beauty. Life or reality can be ugly."


Sphere 7. "I can be headed for inevitable defeat, failure or disappointment."


Sphere 8. "I can be headed for humiliation or disgrace."


Sphere 9. "I may not be adequately provided for. Sufficient support may not be available."


Sphere 10: "Reality is exactly the way it appears to me. "Nothing more is going on than what I am aware of right now."


Practical Applications


Practice noticing what you think and feel in the present.  Recognize when you worry to any degree about the possibility of lacking the 








10.physical conditions... that are truly good for you, that your heart and soul utterly desire, that lead you to ultimate fulfillment.  When you notice this internal condition of doubt upsetting your perfect faith, just observe your experience until you see that it is just a thought that is frightening you.  Then continue paying attention to your experience in the present, without thinking about what was, is, or may be.  When frightening thought returns, observe your present experience of the thought until, again, you see it as just a thought.  Also pay close attention to your feelings in the present, whatever you feel.  Observing your thoughts and feelings in the present, and dwelling in present awareness without a thought, gradually withdraws power out of habitual, dark mindsets, sending that power into your awareness, where it goes to work on your higher awakening and liberation.


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