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Life's Deliverance Through Kabbalah  
Part 1


Dear Lord, I faithfully volunteer for all that you send my way.


Life is for you, never against you.  Kabbalah's Tree of Life portrays how that is.  If you pay close attention to any degree of resistance you feel toward what is happening, you discover eventually that it is based wholly on fear.  You discover further that your fear is entirely based on an imaginary projection of what is, was, or will be.


It is simply by paying conscious attention, really examining your experience of what is happening, that you gradually wake up from the Tree of Lies to the Tree of Life.  The first stage of this awakening is when you realize that the way that you, other people, your life, reality appears to be is just that, a mere appearance, and that that appearance is a fabrication of your mind.  You discover that there really is no such thing as "out there", that all you experience is "in here".  Even the idea that someone or something exists outside of yourself is a condition of what is going on "in here", in your mind.


As you continue to consciously examine your experiences, you awaken to the realization that all fearful resistance to life is based on nothing but opinions that something bad is happening, was happening, or can happen in the future, that your opinions or presumptions or speculations about reality is all that causes your emotional suffering. 


From that point, you are ready to begin the clearing out process, the alchemical term f or which is "expurgation".  This is a process of recognizing when you experience any fearful anticipation of what is to come, any depressing ideas of what has or is happening, and let them go instead of letting them run your life.  The way to let this inner darkness go is to look at it, instead of looking from it.  Just observe your present experience of whatever you are thinking or feeling.  Conscious observation withdraws power from the thought and feeling and permits your mind to settle down.  This settling down is the clearing out process.


The clearing out gradually tames the mind, permitting your higher will to direct it.  Before, your emotions and instinctive drives and desires ran the show.  But gradually you can direct the creative forces of your thinking and feeling in alignment with what is truly best for you.


As you continue practicing present awareness of your experience during quiet mind periods, which extend for longer and longer periods, you gradually awaken to both the Tree of Lies and the Tree of Life.  You see how all of your fear, frustration and unhappiness is rooted in emotional thinking that masquerades as truth – that is the awakening to the Tree of Lies.  At the same time, you actually experience the ultimate goodness of reality, the divine love that permeates existence and gives you all that ever really happens.


The Tree of Life describes all that is ever really happening, and your awakening to that through the series of sphere going up from the bottom. So please read the following list from the bottom to the top:


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