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As has been stated, you intend with every thought you think.  Think of the ideal. When you feel disturbed you react to thoughts focused on what you do not want, thoughts that intend those very conditions.  You don't have to intend your way out of anything. To want out is to visualize yourself in.


The power of will or intention is your link with the unlimited, so do not presume that the end results you desire are far from your reach. Imagine no distance, no division, no difference between where you are and where you want to be. If you feel frustrated, discouraged or anxious you are unconsciously willing the dangers you want to flee from or fight.


To direct the power of will is to lead the most satisfying life possible. The essence of suffering is unconscious intention. No person is your enemy. No situation places you at a disadvantage. Unconscious intention is the cause of all your want, so will to be more conscious.


Also trust the inscrutable Will behind all events. You may be able to rationalize feelings of futility, despair, or defeat, but that does not really justify them.  For all you really know you stand at the brink of a whole new life in which your most miraculous dream comes true.


There is a point to whatever you go through. But when you imagine something wrong with where you are, you intend your losses.  The point is to become a conscious creator.  It's that simple.  


We imagine someone in the wrong for the superficial pleasure of feeling at least a bit more right. But that feeling of right is all wrong. You wrong yourself with it because you will yourself into a relationship with someone wrong.


Any sense of struggle or impatience indicates a need for giving up control and surrendering to the will that is in charge.  


In the earliest stages of any journey or endeavor it is most tempting to slip into impatient struggle against time. A challenge at this time may be a desire to do away with the suspense.  Keep your power flowing constructively by keeping your mind clear of any discouraging possibilities. Concentrate on your intention to produce what you want instead of wasting your power wishing that the process was over.  


Challenge of any kind gives you an opportunity to strengthen your will, deepen your commitment, fortify your resolve. Instead of pining for what does or does not happen, direct your attention to your will to cause what you intend to happen. Your life inevitably flows in the direction of your intention.


When you feel the farthest from where you want to be, you are actually the closest. When you feel deeply desperate for an outcome, your prayers have wings, meaning they make deeper contact with the absolute Power of Divine Will. If you feel the urge to enter into more intimate union with the Divine, to clarify your intention, to plead your case, prayerfully direct your heart within, to the Creator of the universe. The creation you earnestly pray for must be more forthcoming.


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