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Struggling with overwhelm? Kabbalah has an answer.


The first sphere of the Kabbalah Tree of Life is numbered 1.


It represents the First Intention of Divine Power.  It represents the insight that God operates through a sequence of steps in creating what happens.  It suggests that God has a sense of PRIORITY.


The purpose of life, according to Kabbalah, is to merge with our Divine Source.  We do this by emulating the Divine Way, as represented by the Tree of Life glyph.


That way is to focus on first things first.


But how do you know what to focus on first?


The way is through going deep inside to connect with your innermost core of being.


When you make that connection, you enter more completely into the radiance of Divine Intention.  You can FEEL this radiance through the sense of deep inner congruence, harmony and inspiration.


When we feel overwhelmed, it is because we are focusing too much on the "outer" and not enough on the "inner".  The deeper you go within, to clarify your number one intention, the clearer the signal is regarding what to do NOW.


Respect the value of inspiration.


Sometimes, what makes logical sense regarding our business or our earnings or with other people's expectations, or even with our own personal set of demands that we place upon ourselves, does not align with our true sense of inspiration in the now.


Resisting this sense leads to procrastination, beating ourselves up over not doing what we believe we should be doing. Inspiration comes from intuition, that small inner voice that knows our true purpose in the world. It even knows the purpose OF the world.


By calmly attuning to that and then following its guidance with action we feel more empowered and find doors of opportunity opening wide.


To "hear" this inner voice, understand feelings of overwhelm to be an internal reaction of stress that blocks recognition of the inner guidance of wisdom.


When we see overwhelm as a reaction to our circumstances, rather than as a quality of our circumstances, we can let it go.


 The next time you feel overwhelmed,
meditate on the Tree of Life,
focusing on sphere 1. 


Let that sphere remind you to connect with the core of your being, where you already know with absolute clarity just what you need to do right now, for all you really want right now.


Focus on the FEELING of purpose deep within, and wait for that feeling to turn into guidance, leading you into action with peace, poise and power. 

Experience the clarity, centering and transformation that occurs through the uniquely powerful process of Kabbalah Wisdom Coaching.



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